03 December 2008

Missing Episode 7 - Shasha~ ^^

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim | Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. | Good Day to my fellow readers -

It has been some while that I have not posted out new entries. He he he. I homed and have been very busy lately. Alright, this entry I want to talk about Shasha. Eventhough Shasha is not very new in my life. We met last four years and been together since early this year. But, lately Shasha has been really irritating and and creating lots of problem and troubles.

Shasha, my Atoz

In the first few months, the left side mirror was broken and then it was followed by the overheated of the engine caused by the uncleaned radiator which caused of RM 130 for cleaning purposes. Then, on my way home after best buddy last paper of 27 November 2008. The engine once again overheated and could not be started.

The front boot opened and noticed there was a leaked of the radiator's water at the end connection to the engine. Causing the engine to heat up as there were no cooling agent. Sigh. There was no reserve water in the car and the passengers seat and the bonnet were fully packed with mine and my roommate stuffs.

What did we do? We called the Tronoh's Rescuers~ to be continued in the next post. He he he :>

"Drive safely"


Jazlin Ernida said...

ooo shasha ke nama dia? haha. hi shasha, salman nak berkenalan :P

erm, i think 4-yr old atoz memang start to create probs kot. mine tak ada la problem overheated ke apa (nauzubillah), just ada bunyi bunyi sikit bila pasang aircond. haritu pun problem sebab lupa ganti ATF & ATF filter but right now salman is doing fine :D

HARITH said...

hi salman..heard from ros~ agak a..tronoh terlalu panas dan climate agak berbeza dr tempat Shasha asal, korea..hyundai~ hehehe