28 June 2008

Tag #2: Bertuahnyo ambo..[versi klate]

Oloss, keno tag pulok..tapi x po..best buddy hok tag ambo..alhamdulillah, oghe hok mulo2 dale list tu . . hehehe ok . . marilah kito samo2 acu tera buat etek gak skalinyo . . bismillahirrahmanirrahim:

5 karo bakpo ambo sero ttuah [lucky] skali jaddi diri ambo ni:

1. Syukur pado Allah yang telah memberikan kepado hamboNyo ini satu keluarga yang cukup bermakno skali buat diri ambo. Wan (mak) ngan Ayah ambo, they are the best, bak kato oghe putih. Wan ambo ni jenis yang suko masok ngan cubo benda baru. Ayah plak jenis senyap skit, tapi alhamdulillah skang ni gege dio lebih banyok daripado Wan. Ha ha ha. Walaupun ambo ngan adik-beradik duk baloh sokmo, tapi kami tetap sayang sama2 kami dan itulah caronyo kami bergembira. Meme bunyi kasar skit tapi standard a, kluargo jenis gege bukan skit tapi banyok. Ha ha ha. Ambo cukup banggo ngan kluargo ambo sor lagi sebab dalam banyok2 kluargo dale dunio, kamilah kluargo hok tergolong dale kluargo BIO. Wan darroh B+, Ayoh plak A+: Kakok AB, Ambo B+, Adik puey O, Adik laki A+. Meme tak dop tandingan a dale ciptaan DIO. -ehh, kalu nok list down banyok beno a. Stakat tu dulu hal kluargo ambo.

2. Ambo ni jenis hok stret forward skit. Nok kato kecek kias2 bukan sokmo2. Ado la tiko2 mari perasaan nok kias2 skali skalo. He he he. Alhamdulillah, ambo ni bukan nk kato banggo ko gapo. Tapi ramai jugo ingat ko ambo, yo la, lebih daripado sore. Ramai la tu. He he he. Paling gembiro hidup ni slepas jumpo ngan rosli, BEST BUDDY. Ado soghe lagi, namo manjo di kalangan saim2 khal, BEST FRIEND. Alhamdulillah, smuanyo telah diatur olehNYO. Ambo doakan yang terbaik untuk best buddy, best friend ngan sahabat2 lain.

3. Ambo raso ambo sangat bertuah. At least, gapo hok ambo nok ambo usaha sebaik yang mungkin, dituruti doa ngan tawakkal. Alhamdulillah, hampir gapo hok ambo nok, ambo dapat. Tapi dop smua. InsyaAllah, kalu tak leh lo ni, akhirat esok. Ambo pun duk pikir jugo, lo ni atas dunio, minta - boleh (dapat), minta - boleh, minta - boleh..TAKUTTTT..takut esok2 akhirat esok tak dapat sebagaimano hok lo ni kat atas dunio. Na'uzubillah, ambo minta dijauhkan segala bendo hok dop molek. Bahagiakanlah ambo ngan keluarga ngan sahabat2 ambo di dunia dan di akhirat, Ya Allah. Amin~

4. Ambo ni jenis mudoh baso kalu demo mudoh baso. Kadang2 tu kalu sero ambo ni payoh baso gak, tegur a, kalu dop jadi, tolong la doakan biar ambo ni dibukakan pintu hati ni balik. Amin. Bukan nk kato sombong ko meto ko gapo bilo nyo payoh baso. Tapi tiko tu la setan2 ramai2 duk atas belakang duk tepuk samo2 pok dio. Na'uzubillah. Dop slalu la. Pah tu ambo raso pok2 demo la lagi bertuah yang ambo dop reti mano nok tolak permintaan oghe len. Dop pandai nak oyak NO!

5. Ngelas skali sebab ambo tak dop gapo doh nak risau. Kalu sero oghe lain spo lbh bagus, dapat gapo hok dio nok, tgk spo nikmat dio dapat lebih banyok - ambo redha dan anggap tu rezeki dio. Kalu ambo dop leh lo ni, mungkin esok, mungkin luso, mungkin tulak. Kalu dapat time akhirat molek sengoti. Sebab hok tiko tu meme kekal abadi doh. Dop kan dok suko kalu lagu tu. Ambo harap ambo dapat perbaiki ngan mollek perangai ke aroh lebih baik luar ngan dale. Marilah samo2 kito berusaha samo dale mengejar keredhaan Allah di dunio ngan di akhirat. Amin~.

Cukup doh kali, kae list banyok2 kae lari daripado topik. Ha ha ha. Oghe nok limo jah. List banyok2 kae x dop oghe nok baco pulok. X po la. Kalu berterusan 3 malam berturut2 pun dop kan habis. Ha ha ha.

"Gapo hok kito buat skali pun biarlah berpado2"

27 June 2008


This posting is about mismatching, and not match-making. He he he. Sorry best buddy, I need to post this out first before doing your tag. Although I think it would be similar to yours, I will do it later. Thank you that you tagged me. I appreciate that you remember me. (^_^)


Well, it happened when my parents and I were heading to TESCO KB to buy some groceries and ingredient for tomorrow lunch. My mother was planning to invite her siblings to have lunch together. So, along the way, whilst in the car, I did not notice anything awkward or strange or mismatching thingy. Even, when I got out and walk along by my mother whilst on the phone, I still did not realized what those eyes were staring at. {not to say that I actually saw those people stared at me} But I could see from their facial expression and reactions.

Then, when I was on the moving escalator, I was about to keep my phone in the pocket. When suddenly. Tup tup tup, the world was like stop moving for 1 second. Then, I signaled my mother to see what was on my feet. She giggled and I was like, boom - blushing. {koya} - bilo maso la aku de tilik..tapi malu a

Here it was:

What the...?

It was like the whole TESCO noticed that my slippers was mismatching. All the way, from one section to one section, I pushed the trolley slowly so and played cool like nothing happened. Furthermore, there were a lot of pretty girls. Man, what an embarrassment. I felt like my face was pumped up like a balloon in the TESCO. So thick that I could hardly to breathing. Ha ha ha.

Then, the t-shirt that I was wearing had this UTP logo. What an additional embarrassment. Ha ha ha. I did not mind at all since there would not blame me but to UTP instead. What a horrible student of UTP I am. Ha ha ha. To add more, I met one of my friends from the primary school. Alhamdulillah, I felt that he did not notice. Then, to make my feelings better, it would be best for me to see and to analyze my hometown people's reactions. Most of them was looking up straight ahead. Some was wondering, thinking where was that thing that he or she wanted to buy [clearly on their forehead]. He he he. Little just like turned their sight to other way round after looking down below of my legs. Then, 2 or 3 giggled or smiled. I ignored most of them and to the lesser I smiled back. But no one rather to approach and said, "hey, did you notice that you are wearing mismatched slippers?"

Thank you Allah, that there was no one rather brave enough to say that to me. He he he. Then, the most embarrassing time that I had to wait my parents outside of NAGOYA Silk Store because it was crowded and I did not want to be stuck in it whilst pushing the trolley. So, I waited them outside and it was just beside a ladies' undergarments store. Hu hu hu.

I realized it after I was done playing with my cellular for 10-15 minutes. The I snapped the pictures when I got home.

la la la (~_~")

"remember to check your appearances before set off"

23 June 2008

My Brain's Stress

Lately, a lot of things are wondering in mind. Some times, I feel unease, dizzy and even worst to cause nose bleeding. It does not mean that I was having a pervert imagination. But, when I pushed myself to a deep deep deep of thoughts, my brain got overheated and reached its limit. May be my limit is below than others.

That is why I always have nose bleeding when I think a lot. Furthermore if the surrounding at that time was too hot and too humid. Most of the time, the symptoms would be dizziness and lost of appetite. I hate when I lost appetite as I like to eat very much. Most of my pillows were not mapped with sleeping's saliva but rather from my nose bleeding.

That is why I like to daydreaming than thinking about what I need to do, what I need to plan. What comes, I will accept and take it as I can. If you noticed, my friends, I do not really active during learning sessions. I always sleep in the class actually. Why? You don't believe? Ask my best buddy, R.

R is the only friend that would try his best to make me stay up in the class, if I sat next to him. He would pinch me there and here, massage at the back of my neck and poked my waist. ^_^

Since in my secondary school, I alway sleep in the class if the teachers taught in the same style in every class. I always easily bored with same and repetitive methods or things. I like to rearrange the position of my belongings when I felt bored with my surroundings. He he he.

Another thing that I like to do when I have stopped my nose bleeding is to have a nice cold sweet of ice-cream. Even better to eat the chocolate or vanilla ice-cream with bread. Ha ha ha. I missed my old days eating ice-cream for supper around 12.00 midnight - 1.00 a.m. Yeah2x. I know I am one of a kind. He he he.


"be yourself"

22 June 2008

A Taste of Buffalo Meat

Yesterday, there was a wedding ceremony of my neighbor's daughter in Kerteh. It was not that huge ceremony but it was a combination of blue and orange colors. [I felt a bit awkward]. I meant that:

The house was in
The bride and her groom were in BLUE.

Well, I hope on my wedding there would be a nice combination of colors, or just a plain of white theme. White should be alright. It symbolizes the purity in starting a new journey with our life partner, our soul-mate, the one for common people and partners for those who can afford. He he he.

Then, the menu, there were 2 dishes of vegetables, dried fish, chicken meat and buffalo meat dishes. At first, I thought the meat was cow. But, while I was eating, there were two people talking that the meat was buffalo. Oh man~! I felt terrible. I took the meat quite a lot. Then, the chicken was a bit not fresh I thought. Sigh~

But, at the end I finished everything by swallowing all, not chewing it much. In the end, I slept for couple of hours after I arrived home.

The peak of my worst time yesterday when I was about to go to my sleep. I felt very unease in my stomach. It was like there were a lot of butterfly lingering in my stomach. For a few times, I felt like to vomit anything in my stomach.

Then, around 2.00 a.m., I was woke up and rushed to the toilet. Oh man~! I suffered. I try to push but nothing was came out. I know it sounds dirty, but it was the truth. My true feeling on last night occasion. I think, I rushed to the toilet for 4 times last night. (T_T) The accumulated time that I slept while doing my things in the toilet, I can say it would like around 30-40 minutes. That was a terrible experience of consequence after I ate buffalo meat. I could not suspect anything else rather than the buffalo meat because after I ate the meat, I did not eat anything for the night except fried bananas.

Lesson learnt: "Don't eat what your stomach can not digest"

21 June 2008

My Recent Collections

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"I Love Orchids Gardening"

17 June 2008

Sigh, was tagged ~_~"

I was tagged from a friend of mine: >> Halaa

Halaa~? She is one of my early group of friends who is the opposite gender. Well I grew up in a manly life. Ha ha ha. We met at an outside additional tutor class when I was in form 5. Now she is pursuing her studies at Indonesia. A big fan to a friend of mine. He he he.

Alright, bout this tagging2x..sigh..

I’ve watched a programme at astro where a reseach has been done to see some habits of university students and here are the top 10:

eat Maggi
stay up
last minute assignment
play game
watch movie
afraid of seeing the lecturer for CH
lazy to wake from sleep
last minute study

1. Sleep
Haih~~well nothing to hide. I sleep in my room and I also sleep during the lectures. Most of the lectures that I attended were my second room to sleep. ^_^

2. Eat Maggi
Since standard 6, I have not ate the Maggi as I did before that. Nowadays, I would eat the Maggi if my sister cooked extra. At UTP, hurm~ may be just 2 to 3 times per semester or not in some semesters.

3. stay up
Ouch~ not my hobby. I usually stayed up until 11.30 p.m. or at most 12.00 a.m. I do not stay up much, but I do sleep early to wake up earlier than usual. Then, I would return to my sleep later on.

4. last minute assignment
Ha ha ha. No comment. I just want to show the prove that we, Malay CAN (Malaysia Boleh). Ha ha ha.

5. dating
Hurm..dating? I do not know how to describe the dinner, the lunch and the breakfast with a girls, because she is usually older than me as I respect him as my big sis at UTP. Usually? Why? Owh, she is not always the same, shes. I have few friends who are girls and older few years than me.

6. play game
Dota~! Addicted once before, but Alhamdulillah, I could slow down and hopefully to stop playing dota. He he he.

7. watch movie
Well, just watched Kung Fu Panda last week with Kak Mira and Kak Azian at GSC Megamall Kuantan. (^+^)

8. afraid of seeing the lecturer for CH
I am not that afraid but I do not really like to meet them at their office or in class as I always overslept during the class. Ha ha ha.

9. lazy to wake from sleep
Whatever, as long as I am happy. Who are you to care so much? {Better think for the right answer before you tell me.}

10. last minute study
Once again, Malay CAN (Malaysia Boleh).


14 June 2008

15G that Women Hate about Men

On 3 JUNE 2008, I woke up earlier than usual. There was one television program on TV3 - Laman Nurani. Well, I am not that big fan of the TV's program. It just happened that I was bored and turned on the Television. The speaker of the program on that day was Datuk Dr. Hj. Fadzilah Kamsah. He is a well known speaker and motivator program.

The topic on that day was "15G that women hate about men". Originally, the program was in Bahasa, so there would be some terms will be mixed up and I will translated it in bracket.

15G that Women Hate about Men:
  1. Gatal: Literally means itchy, but here means indecent.
  2. Ganas (garang): ferocious, fierce, savage.
  3. Gerumal (a mother-tongue term from North Peninsular of Malaysia means bohong in Bahasa): lie, bluff.

  4. Gembar-Gembur (cakap besar): big-mouth.

  5. Gagal (mudah merajuk): easily grumble.

  6. Gentleman Tiada (tiada wibawa): harsh or no manner at all.

  7. Gementar (penakut): easily tremble or coward.

  8. Goyah (tiada pendirian): no strong standpoint or groggy.

  9. Ganjil (gila): too awkward or even crazy.

  10. Gertak (marah): browbeat or like to frighten others.

  11. Gadai (gadai maruah): pawning his own honour.

  12. Gema (ikut cakap atau pak turut): too easily being influenced by others.

  13. Gelojoh (gelojoh tindak-tanduk): excessive in his actions or reactions.

  14. Gap (terdapat jurang): there are crevasse or cracks (no similarities or too much different).

  15. Ganteng Tiada (from Jawa means tiada kekemasan in Bahasa): not smart and no tidiness.
Well, although there are more that women hate about men, those are results from what he had obtained from his researches as what he claimed. Furthermore, we are not that perfect.

We are not that perfect. That's is why we needed each others to complete each others. So, try to accept others as they are. A reminder for all of us including myself.

If we are that perfect, then we do not need this world and better to live somewhere else. We needed each others to survive. We can improve ourselves together. Thank you.

"Lets improve ourselves together (^_^)"