30 May 2010


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'aalamin. Praise to the al-Mighty and the Owner of this universe. With His wills, ambo have been through a lot of up and down and up again moments. InsyaAllah, there are few events that ambo am looking forwards to:

28 - 29 May: Family gathering at Tanah Rata [Flat Land], Cameron Highland

5 June: Wedding Reception of Farrah Wahida [kakak angkat] & Mohammad Ashraf at Pinang Island

Map to..

6 June: Wedding Reception of Farhah [a schoolmate during primary school] at Kota Bharu

6 June: Wedding Reception of Hasliza [an officemate in TNBR] at Kota Bharu

8 June: Meeting up with Chris & Kathy. To have dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Tasik Idaman, Dengkil

12 June: Wedding Reception of Along Rina at Kota Bharu

13 June: Meeting up with Christopher and Kathy at Radius International Hotel

19 June: Wedding Reception of Along Rina at Pahang [dunno the exact location. Hu hu hu.]

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24 May 2010

Missing Episode 33 - My Lecturer

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

This is not a new picture. During ambo's previous field work in early March 2010, ambo and co-worker to Perak. Ambo usually would call ambo's favorite lecturer, Dr. Shamsul a.k.a. Dr. Shark. Lots to catch up with him. We dined together at Satay Endut in Ipoh City, at a food court next to Gerbang Malam of Ipoh. The satay was not bad.

-half face-

That night Sharky picked ambo and ambo's co-worker at the hotel and it was ambo's first time rided the Hyundai Sonata. It was very spacious and comfortable. Ambo have been dreaming to board that car since in UTP. But he did not permitted. Tried once to scratch the car. Ha ha ha.

He is one of ambo's favorite lecturer. Very closed to ambo. He is the advisor of Tronoh Teater Shop. He always wanted ambo to join the teater. But ambo did not have the confidence to be in front of many crowds. The first meeting with him was during a breakfast in ambo's 2nd year in UTP, if ambo am not mistaken. Then, we became closed. But ambo was not his formal student until ambo's final year. Ambo was inspired by him to take up ambo's major subject in Industrial Environmental Engineering. He promised A for the subject, but ambo got B. In fact it was about EQA1974, the subject of environmental law and ambo was not that expert in law things.

Even though it is about 1 year ambo left UTP, we still keep in touch ^^.

"Boundriless friendship"

17 May 2010

Memory Lane #1 - Bachang Melaka

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

It was a bit frustrated when you have a lot or even a long list of things in mind, but ended up not doing anything. Dunno which one to start with or tired from just having to think of the list? Ambo like to refresh the events or things of the past through pictures. Thus, ambo have came out with a new type of post: "Memory Lane".

As to initiate it, ambo would like to share this picture:

Who: Ambo and Syahmi

Location: Melaka --> Bachang --> Borther in law's family house

Date: 20 March 2010

Event / purpose: Wedding reception at the groom's house

16 May 2010

To Bowl Or Not To Bowl

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

Alhamdulillah, after 1 month of ambo's birthday, ambo bought a set of to bowl as ambo's birthday present. Ambo is not a pro-bowler but enjoy to bowl. Once, it was ambo's hobby during middle school. But happened to hold when in university as the bowling center was far from campus.

This year ambo's resolved one thing that ambo have longed enough, a set of ambo own bowl:

MAXIM (9lb)

Shoe (6)

Accessory #1

Later after the purchase, ambo registered to become a member of Ampang SUPERBOWL club. Later, ambo can bring to friends to enjoy the privilege together. Alhamdulillah ambo can bowl again with ambo's owned bowling ball and shoes. ^^

'Let's bowl'

10 May 2010

To Dine At #1: Restoran Telaga Buruk

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day To ALL~

Since end of 2009, ambo have been living in Bandar Baru Bangi and there is one place, a restaurant to be specific, that where ambo like to hang out and to dine in: Restoran Telaga Buruk. If it is translated literally to English, it means "Ugly Well Restaurant". Quite hideous it may sound in English. Thus, ambo am sticking with the Malay version which sounds more interesting and classics to ambo. Here is the details of the restaurant:

Name: Restoran Telaga Buruk

Address: Jalan 7/2, Syeksyen 7, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia.

Map Location:
Restoran Telaga Buruk, Bandar Baru Bangi, Seksyen 7

The owner is a Kelantanese. Ambo have become a friend and a regular customer of his restaurant. His wife is also a Kelantanese and a good cook. She is the Chief Chef of the restaurant. Very well in cooking Kelantan traditional meals, deserts, and pastry. It is the only place that ambo would go when ambo miss my hometown cooking. ^^

The western meal that ambo like at this restaurant is Mixed Meat Grill. Very nice with tangy black pepper sauce. It consists of grill meats of lamb and beef, 2 sausage, deep fried potato, coleslaw and salad. Yummy yummy yummy!

RM13.80 per plate [as 9 May 2010]

If you want to try to dine in at that Telaga Buruk, do give me a call. We can meet there and have sometime to get to know each other :D