21 December 2008

Missing Episode 12 - BBQ At Ayah Din's House

Alhamdulillah, praise be upon Allah, once again my family and others were given opportunity to gather and spent the time together in a BBQ event. It was held at Ayah Din's house. Who is Ayah Din? He is:

Ayah Din

The old-folks behind the scene ^^

My dad supervised the kids that night

Taking a break while replacing my dad's

I was involved with the bigger one - snow time during the BBQ he he

Dessert Time

Yam and Red Bean

Everyone was enjoying a cold-ice cream after a hot BBQ moments

Hadi and Me

"Thank you Allah for the time you gave, give and will be given next"


en_me said...

ammvoiii, sodappnyerr eskem kacang merah ittewww..

HARITH said...

hehehe..skali skale..hua hua hua