13 December 2008

Clipping The Karipap

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. "Allahummabariklana fi ma razak tana waqina 'azabannar." It is the prayer for Muslim to recite before he or she eats.

Last week I helped my mother in clipping up the "karipap" a.k.a. curry puff. It was the meat and cubed potatoes cooked in curry style. My mother's curry puff is famous among our relatives and friends. The demands for the curry puff even to be frozen made. Then it could be brought to anywhere.

I like my mother's style of curry puff because of its contents. It has lots of cow meats. He he he. Plus the cubic potatoes and the curry sauces which is not too spice. Ha ha ha. What kind of Malayia traditional food you like?

can't upload the video

p/s: insyaAllah, I will try to upload some pictures later

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