25 May 2008


I came to my laptop for another round of weekly report marathon. Got excited to receive a new comment in my friendster account. After approving it, I just too anxious of what my horoscope of the day. I clicked the link,

If visions of your future are upsetting, look for a silver lining in the clouds."

Yup, I was born on 5th APRIL 1986. My name is Harith and quite similar to my horoscope. Just coincidence only.

Regarding of today's horoscope, I am quite unwell lately. Physically, I have stopped to do exercise since 1 month already. Mentally? Hurm, quite a lot of changes and challenges I have to face nowadays. Inner and surrounding problems. At work where I am doing my practical. Current problem that my family is facing right now. I could not do anything for them at the moment. I am so frustrated including the 2nd VISIT of lecturer for the oral presentation. Oh~ I feel too tired when thinking of those problems.

It is true, without problem life would not be that interesting. But, there is limit and that limit had already been said by Allah that HE would not test HIS believers more than he or she can cope or can handle. I believe that in every problems that we face, there are rewards for those who patient. Thank you Allah that You have gave me the strength physically and mentally.

"Every Problem, lies ahead the REWARDS"

24 May 2008

Water oh water . . .

As requested, another story of my life in Kerteh.

Sigh. *It is not very good to sigh a lot in life, as in life there are choices.

Sigh. Too many choices, too hard to choose one. If we could choose all, may be we would not yearn too much. But, then life does not have choice. Sigh. See, again and again.

Enough with the introduction.

Today, it is the second time or the third time that I have water problem since I came to Kerteh. I am pretty sure that it is more than one time of water shortage at Taman Panalex. So, anyone who wants to live in Kerteh, I would to advice to seek any residential area besides than Taman Panalex.

Oh, water oh water.

The water shortage started around 3.30 p.m. Then, I performed the ablutions at the nearby surau. Shower for tonight? As always when water shortage happened like before, I had my bath at nearby mosque. He he he.

After that, I performed my maghrib prayer before went back home. Sigh. I hope the water shortage would be over by tomorrow morning. Or not I might have to go to the mosque again to have my morning shower. Even though if it would continue, insyaAllah I would take it as a challenge in my life in Kerteh.

Well, I just wondering where and how I would react if I do have problem with my stomach. I hope that would not happen tonight. Ha! At McDonald perhaps? Yea I like McDonald. He he he. I am going to McDonald just to use the toilet. Ha ha ha.


I am getting too lame to write with lots of problem and tensions lately..

13 May 2008

A Day At Irama Beach, Bachok.


"bubbles + clear sea water + white sand = beach time"

Alhamdulillah, such for a long time I felt that my family had not spent a quality time at a beach. Although there were activities before at Sudara Beach Reasort, but it was a family day of Maybank of Kota Bharu branch. But it was a resort. I much prefer beach sides. Laying the plastic carpet (tikar) and sit together with family member for a while and eat something before went to swim.

At least take a few of bites of meals; light or heavy it does not matter. As long as you support your stomach with nutritions even a little, it would prevent from any stomach ache. Remember also to stretch for at least 5 minutes before swimming to avoid cramp or inflexibility.

Usually my mother prepared at least three meals; fried rice, fried mi and sandwich. My father would prepare a bottle or two of plain water to wash the feet and to heat up the car's engine. Me and my siblings would prepare other necessary items such as the "tikar" and drinking waters as well as cups and plates.

The surrounding of Irama Beach has changed a lot. Seriously, I think almost about 10 to 13 years I have not been to Irama Beach. It has transformed to nicer place to have a quality together with families. I am not joking. They, the current state government has improved in a lot of aspects. Providing not only the facilities of fire and rescue house, built a course way along the beach side from beach erosion and high waves. Not only that, they put a staircase to ease the visitors from the high course way.

"Rescue House of Irama Beach, Bachok"

"Facilities provided for families"

Ah, I already miss the beach side. It would be much better with a BARBECUE at the beach side. Ah~! [Poof, daydreaming]

"Irama Beach's Coconut Trees"

Me and family went to Irama Beach together with a family of our dearest neighbor. They have two lovable kids. I had a chance once during my long vacation after my SPM in training to raise a child for the day he was born, and that would be Muhammad Fadhlullah with a nick name of Mat. The little brother of him is named with Muhammad Fatah Syahiran with the nick name of syah. They are very close to me and to some extent the little one is a bit jealous that I always pamper his big brother and we always end up fighting childishly.

Mat is so close that he would wait for me if he knows I would be home. He would always like to imitate what ever I do. Gardening, to go out, to buy decoration fish such as gold fishes and wherever I go, he would follow. Even picking up him from his kindergarten would be my routine during my holidays as he requested. We share another same interest which is to eat at fast food, McDonald. He likes cars and other vehicles very much especially lorries. His first ambition was to be the head of a lorry companies. If not even a driver lorry of sugar would be alright. To some extent he is always making the sound of a turbo car. Vrooommmm..~ He is a serious type kid and spontaneous also. His acts is way far more mature than his age. Seriously I am not joking. When I am not around at house, he would come to my house to visit my mother as she is all alone when my father goes to work. He always concerns to those close to him, my family.

"Muhammad Fadhlullah: Peace you ALL"

This one is a bit different from Mat. Shah is more close to my father than me to my father. [What a shame of me as a son to my father.] He always follows my father. He always punches and kicks me whenever he has the chance. He is still angry from an incident that his brother, Mat pushed him aside when he wanted me to pamper him as I was with his brother. Mat said, "Abe Harith abe mat, syah gi ngan abe Dan la." [Dan is the nick name of my youngest brother - blood related.] He was frustrated and cried a bit. I felt sorry for him. Then soon after that, he seems to have some grudge over me. I know, kids do have feelings like others and kids nowadays are more different than our times ago. They are more clever than us. Thats why we can not show bad things in front of them or they would imitate the bads o easily. To teach them with good deeds at this age is the most crucial times. They can absorb easily and put a stress to good things in their minds. Like the old sayings of Malay; "Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya". He is a spontaneous and funny person. Different to his big brother, he is even more "wild", I mean Mat is more gentle than Syah. He has the eyes to attract girls with a sweet mouth at the very young age. Some times kids a way better than to some adults.

"Muhammad Fatah Syahiran: Cool~"

The similarity that they have is that, they are all active kids. They like to play together even playing boxing or sparing. Well, boys, you know need to be trained to be a tough man. He he he. In raining season we like to play in the heavily down pour of rain together. What? An adult also needs some times to have fun like kids. Mat always imitate what I do and Syah would imitate Mat. It is a chain process of siblings in growing up together.

I never forget to carry along my camera wherever and whenever I go, especially with my family. We never know what would happen and what kinds of adventures or memorable scenes lie ahead. I really am satisfied with my camera's quality, but to some extent my laptop's graphic card is not compatible. That is why in some of my collections of photos there are photos that have dark spots or shady parts. Below are some snapshots that I risked my beloved Lumix-TZ3 for a lot of worthy memorable pictures during our quality times at Irama Beach:

"Syah is a bit stiff and Mat is jumping"

"Syah is watching Mat jumps over the wave"

"Snapshot :D"



"Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants"

"Seeing things way forward ahead"

"A Trunk + A Branch + The Sky"

A Lost

Just received a message from a friend, that one of my friend's father had passed away. Al-Fatihah upon the lost and a pray that his ruh would be blessed by Allah and would be placed with others mukminin in the after life. Amin.

To my friend, I know that you are very far away from home. I hope that you would be brave and be more patient. InsyaAllah, your dad would be managed well by your family. I know that this is the most crucial time of your at the end of your study, patients and pray to Allah so that his ruh being blessed by Allah. Amin.

"Setiap musibah ada hikmah yang tersembunyi"

12 May 2008

Blogging Marathon


Yea~! This is the 3rd post for tonight. Mm, a quick sharing with you all. A smiling face and a sour face, which one would make the world a nicer place live?


Furthermore, the movement to make a sour face took 40 or more facial tissues or muscles to work. But, to smile, it required around 20 facial tissues or muscles to form a beautiful curve. So smile. Your smiles worth to make the world a better place to live :)

( : smile : )


Thanks to all my family and friends.

Thank you for your supports and words of courage.

Alhamdulillah, thank you to Allah for all HIS BLESSING.


BBQ and 60

Oh My . . .

Barbecue is a quality time to be spent with friends and furthermore with your family. My last BBQ would be on 25 April 2008. Yum yum yum, it was really nice although just small one. He he he.
Mr. 6230i + Mr. Burn Prawn + The Toasted Squid Family

One week before the BBQ, I weighted myself and it was around 59kilograms. Wow~! It was a success. Less by 2kilos. I was very H . A . P . P . Y .(^_^).

"Say hello to the Clamp Brothers"

That night, I ate quite a lot. Seafoods and barbecued chickens. Barbecued beefs? Well, I was not in the mood to eat beef on that night. But I was really glad that I could enjoy the seafood parts. He he he. On the following week, I gained another 1kilos, summed up to a lucky number of 60 :D

Friends, when will be our barbecue?

I am looking forward to our BBQ. Last one before we graduate.