21 December 2008

Missing Episode 11 - Eid Adha 1429H

On the first day of any eids, we the family members would gather at our grandmother's house first:

Among my family members

The birthday-boy

Among of my family members, another 2/3 of them are not in the picture

These are among the events / pictures during the 2nd day of Eid-Adha:

Mom & Dad

Along, Anik, Adik, Abe [family's nicknames]

At night, we battled in Domino Game

Peaces before the war was started

"Happy belated Eid-Adha"


Anonymous said...

wah, i saw mizah. hehe... kim slm kat dia.. lama x jumpa dia. dgr khabar pon tak~ haih~

HARITH said...

insyaAllah..balik klate bilo plop?