23 November 2008

H > A > R > I > T > H

What HARITH Means

H is for Hip

A is for Astounding

R is for Relaxing

I is for Impressive

T is for Tough

H is for Hip

What Does Your Name Mean?

Well, today is yet another that I spent to update my blog. I found out this link from one of my seniors' blogs, Kak Niema. I thought to give it a try, and the results are as the above. When I saw the H is for HIP being repeated, I remembered one scene from the Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa - "The name so nice, you say it twice." (by motto motto)

I looked up into the dictionary and found that:

HIP means: 1. projection of the pelvis on each side of body [a.k.a pinggul], 2. a type of a wild rose [wow, I am wild. He he he.], 3. initial of hep like hep, hep, hore! [so that is why I so loud. Ha ha ha.], 4. stylish, knowledgable

ASTOUNDING synonyms to astonishing, enthralling, and means overwhelm with wonderness [wonderman perhaps. Ha ha ha.]

RELAXING means to become less restrained or tense. [well, I do play a lot and day-dreaming all the time. ^^]

TOUGH has lots of meanings among them are: 1. strong and durable, not easily broken or cut [true, cold hearted person I am.], 2. not brittle or tender, 3. capable of great endurance - sturdy, 4. not easily influenced - unyielding, stubborn [undeniable.], 4. hard to bear or endure - tough luck [yea! I am lucky.], 5. slang, remarkably excellent - first rate, great [alhamdulillah.], 6. practical, realistic - tough minded [be carefull, ha ha ha.]

"understand yourself before you understand others"

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