23 November 2008

H > A > R > I > T > H

What HARITH Means

H is for Hip

A is for Astounding

R is for Relaxing

I is for Impressive

T is for Tough

H is for Hip

What Does Your Name Mean?

Well, today is yet another that I spent to update my blog. I found out this link from one of my seniors' blogs, Kak Niema. I thought to give it a try, and the results are as the above. When I saw the H is for HIP being repeated, I remembered one scene from the Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa - "The name so nice, you say it twice." (by motto motto)

I looked up into the dictionary and found that:

HIP means: 1. projection of the pelvis on each side of body [a.k.a pinggul], 2. a type of a wild rose [wow, I am wild. He he he.], 3. initial of hep like hep, hep, hore! [so that is why I so loud. Ha ha ha.], 4. stylish, knowledgable

ASTOUNDING synonyms to astonishing, enthralling, and means overwhelm with wonderness [wonderman perhaps. Ha ha ha.]

RELAXING means to become less restrained or tense. [well, I do play a lot and day-dreaming all the time. ^^]

TOUGH has lots of meanings among them are: 1. strong and durable, not easily broken or cut [true, cold hearted person I am.], 2. not brittle or tender, 3. capable of great endurance - sturdy, 4. not easily influenced - unyielding, stubborn [undeniable.], 4. hard to bear or endure - tough luck [yea! I am lucky.], 5. slang, remarkably excellent - first rate, great [alhamdulillah.], 6. practical, realistic - tough minded [be carefull, ha ha ha.]

"understand yourself before you understand others"

Rules in Love and Life [reposting]

This post is not genuinely mine. But it was posted by a senior of mine. I just recently found her blog which was last updated in 2006. He he he. I hope that this could help others in searching and maintaining their love life. (^^)v

There are five (5) rules to be a happy person:

1. Free your heart from hatred

2. Free your mind from worry

3. Live your life simply

4. Expect less; and

5. Give more

TRUELOVE. The real test of true love is having all the things go wrong but still having a special way to love despite of all the wrong things that may happen.

Always take a CHANCE. The end result may not always be what you hoped for but that's fine. At least, you will never go through life wondering "What if... and "If only....".

Hold a friend's hand through times of trial, let him/her find love through a hug and a smile. But also know when it is time to let go, for each and everyone of us must learn to grow.

LOVE is not a word to say when we feel guilty nor the right word to say when we like a person. But LOVE really matters when we share our thoughts, our minds and our hearts.

A soul mate is someone who brings out the best in you.
They are not perfect but is always perfect for you.

Never whisper words of LOVE if the feeling is not true.
Never share your feeling if you mean to break a heart.

Never look into my eyes if all you have to do is lie.
And never say hello if you really mean goodbye.

Genuine friendship is not measured by time. But it is measured by acceptance. A friend is one where even though you reflect the silver, he/she sees the GOLD.

It takes 3 sec. to say "I love you",

3 minutes to explain it,

3 hours to demonstrate it,

3 days to appreciate it,

3 trimester to produce it.

But a LIFETIME to prove it.

The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.

"LOVE as he/she is"

Warmness Reconnected ^^

Bismillahirahmanirrahim | Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day-

WARMNESS. Yes, I want to talk about the warmness of a friendship which has been reconnected after almost 4 years left hanging and untouched. Similar to the network connection in the campus. So hard to get a good connection but if connected it does not guarantee that we can surf the internet easily. The pages that usually appeared would be the "Page could not be found" or the "Timeout login error".

It all started from a simple, very influenced gossip during our first semester in the campus. It is an awkward for both of us who were very innocent in interacting with different genders. But the gossip was spread very fast after I first contacted her to ask for a favor regarding the studies at that time. The gossip continued until our induction weeks during the semester break.

Soon after the induction ended, we started to contact each other. Yes, we did like each other that time. We messaged each other. We miss-called each other from time-to-time. Yes, I would say it was my 1st love in the campus life. But, was it a truelove between us? Or was it because of the gossip that people made? -Furthermore we were in our prime time in developing our maturity. He he he.

Then, it did not last long. We stopped to communicate until the last night, around 9.00 p.m. Once again, she was the one who brought things up. Yeah, I am not that kind of man to see through people heart and approach them later. But, I am really truly appreciate that she came to me. Jazakillah hu khairan kasiran [Thank You].

Then, the first question was a bit straight forward and it was kind of a bold question. I, my self had to make a deep thinking. Looking to my heart to find the answer. Then, we compromise to discuss on one thing - our true status of relationship. Yes, we did and managed to overcome the issues between us.




Thus, the warmness of our friendship has bloomed once more. Thus, our heart problem could be settled down and we have understood each other. Furthermore, we are totally agreed that we, currently living in an opposite world of our own. He he he.

Yes, she has let it out and she is free. I also have let, what have been kept so long inside, out and I too feel happy. RelieveD~! In any relationships, there are times of up and down. That is the sweetness and warmness of a relationship, when we got up again after the down time. To maitain a relation, both sides have to compromise, to understand each other by opening both heart to give out [let out what is being kept inside] and to take in [listen to one and another is a crucial part] as he or she is.

"O Allah, please guard our honors from the defamation of this world"

22 November 2008

Sweetness (Square) Received ^^

Sakana Black Pepper Set

Last night I had my dinner with my best friend at Sushi King Restaurant Jaya Jusco, Ipoh. It was to celebrate the ended of this semester. We will be graduating soon by June 2009, InsyaAllah. We had a same set last night, Sakana Black Pepper. We had a heavy type set as we both did not take out previous lunch. Plus, I had Unagi Temaki for dessert and my best friend ate sake sushi for appertizer.

Sakana Black Pepper consists of deep fried dory fish in black pepper sauce with mixed vegetables, served with egg custard, miso soup, steamed rice and cultured milk drink [yakult].

Dory fish? Yes! This one:

Very delicious deep fried dory fish with black pepper ^^

Japanese egg custard: this one is also very tasty. It has crab sticks, black mushrooms and chicken meat ball. Tips to eat this is to eat it as an appetizer and do not it as dessert. You will know if you eat it as the last one. He he he.

Tips: Eat this first

Well, after we arrived back at campus, my best friend gave another box of sweetness - Cadbury Chocolate with Strawberry Yogurt Flavor. Wow, another box of chocolate in a week. ^^ I like the chocolate very much and happy to have it as my breakfast today. These week is totaly full of sweetness from best friend. Thank you best friend.

-Cadbury - Strawberry Yogurt Flavor-

-The chocolate-

-The naked chocolate-


19 November 2008

My Review: Death Bell - Korean Movie^^

This my first Korean Movie that I just recently watched and to be the first horror movie that I watched without skipping the horror and killing part. Ha ha ha. Before this, I like to watch movies in fast forward to know how the endings are.

The synopsis:

About 200 days prior to the college entrance exam, a school manages a cram course for its top 20 students. Evaluated only by their grades, school life is so stressful that some students suffer from serious mental problems. A sudden piano solo of "Fur Elise" wakes up the sleeping students and a screen shows the top student, Hye Yeong, dying in a water tank. A voice asks the students to solve a question, to decide the fate of Hye Yeong. And the next persons in the list to be kidnapped and murdered if the announced questions could not be answered in time are according to the top list students.

The movie casts are:
Lee Beom Soo
Yoon Jeong Hee
Nam Gyoo Ri
Kim Beom
Han Na Yeon
Lee Eol
Kim So Hee
Kong Jeong Hwan
Ham Eun Jeong
Jin Seong, Kang I Seul
Choi In Sook
Jo Ah Ra

The Director of the movie is Yoon Hong Seung.

Wow, the first was a bit cuel as there were two fishes in the big aquarium, one already dead and the another died soon after few flippings. The questions were tougher when moved on to the next one. Then, the ending was a bit normal for horror type of movies. I guess so since I do not watch these kinds of movies much. But the suspect murderer was the least to be suspected. (^^)-v

Seriously, if you are really like this kind of horror and killings others, especially irritating students that full of themselves. Ha ha ha. Like to watch the other top scorer students being killed just because they are panicking and could not answer the question? If YES --> Go and watch it~!


18 November 2008

Missing Episode 6 - The most cherishable gift on 22nd birthday

This is the most memorable thing that I received on 22nd birhtday. Not actually on my birthday date, but for one of my birthday gifts that I cherish most. A book entitled "The ORCHID EXPERT", by Dr. D. G. Hessayon. It is a gift from my best friend. It is the 2nd post consecutively related to my best friend. I cherish and happy to be her best friend. (^^)v

The book: it is the 1ST EDITION 2008 of 50,000 copies. Thus making me one of the luckiest to have one out of 50,000 copies and the luckiest to have it as a gift on my 22nd birthday. It is published by Expert Books which is a division of Transworld Publishers. A catalog record for this book is available from the British Library. Wow, I have one of the many collection from the British Library. Yeah, thank you best friend.

Why this kind of book? Because she know what I like most to do. One of my hobbies is to do gardening, orchids gardening. I have a small garden of orchids collection. I always share the photos of my new collections with her. Well, even though I have a lot of friends, but not many who have similar hobby of mine or even to listen to one's heart. Alhamdulillah, Allah have gave me not one, but two out of all of them, best friend and best buddy. Oh, sweet is it when there is always someone who lends his/her ears to you when you need to let something out, either good news or bad news.

"-thank you-"

17 November 2008

Sweetness Received ^^

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t and good day

-A box of Cadbury Chocolate-

Alhamdulillah, recently my health is much better than one month ago. Praise upon the Almighty that have been testing me and rewarding me afterward. Lately, the feeling of hatred is fading away. I hope that the hatred would fade away for good. Sweety of sweetness received sweetly~

-The Chocolate-

These photos of Cadbury chocolate was received from a best friend of mine. To be specific, from the best friend. Thank you Allah for giving me, not only the sweetness of the chocolate, but You have shown me the sweetness of the best friend and have gave me a great sweety friendship sweetly. Everyday, I eat the chocolate. Still got halfway to go. He he he.

-The naked chocolate-

All sweet from start to the end. Yeah. Sweet~! Hopefully the sweetness would stay a bit longer. If for forever, I dun mind at all. He he he. What should I "reply" to my best friend? What kind of "sweetness" that I need to give back?

Thank you best friend for the sweetness you gave. Sweettttt.

"Give & Take of a Sweety Sweetness Sweetly"

14 November 2008

Tag #6 - My cousin

-Tagged by Gta.

What? Talk about someone? An opposite gender? [!typical love birds!] -ha ha- If that is the way of this tag, so be it.

Inner conversation-

H1: Who?

H2: Which one? This one?

H1: Huh? What abut that one?

H3: Dunno much about that one? Why don't this one?

H2: Really? Everyone agreed?

All: Yeah

-Me & My cousin-

So, I chose to write about my Nur Hamizah.

What is the relationship of you and her?
She is my beloved cousin.

Your 5 impressions towards her-
1. Persuasive
2. Obedient
3. Hardworking
4. Caring
5. good in preparing my drinks -especially milked-nescafe

The most memorable things she had done for you-
one of my secret keepers in the family.

The most memorable things she have said to you-
"Abe~" [][]-what? She always calls me with that.

If she becomes your enemy, you will
I would bribe her with candy, chocolate or ice-cream.

If she becomes your enemy, the reason is
What is the reason that she need to become my enemy? I am his Abe~ [big bro]. Ha ha ha.

The most desirable thing to do on her is?
To snatch everything from her hands. But most of the time we share our meals together.

The overall impression of her
Sweet cousin.

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
You decide. Never asked that kind of question often. But the feedbacks, alhamdulillah, good and friendly.

The character of you for yourself is?

The character you hate of yourself is?
Like all of it, even ignorance because if there I do not like them, who else?

The most ideal person that you want to be is?
In term of role model of course the Prophet. In term of my reality of silent life, it would be my father. Never hear that he complaints about mom.

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
Keep loving me. Thank you.^^

10 people to tag
1. Syafiqa- please do in your roommate's blog k!
3. Jazlin - on purpose although you are already been tagged by others. He he he.
4. Best Buddy
5. Pitya
6. Nurhidayah
7 - 10. whoever who want to do this.


13 November 2008


Dreams, the good ones always have a place in everyone's heart. But what about the bad dreams. Why does it being named as nightmare?

"Dreams are defined as sequence of images, sounds and feelings experienced while sleeping, particularly strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep. The contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology." -obtained from Wiki.

Yes, lately I experienced bad dreams. I do not know what do they meant. "Oo Allah, bless me with Your signs." Seriously, one of my previous dreams was the worst. It was really scary. Furthermore, on that night, I slept very late, or to say I slept at 1.00 a.m. I stayed up a bit late than usual to study for the tomorrow's paper. But, I felt very uncomfortable and I was awake exactly two hours later. -It is really scarying me out even to type this post.

Each dream we had is a sign to us. It is up to us to find a good and well-known dream interpreter to interpret our dreams. Be careful with any dreams you had. Allah may want to show you something behind all the hardness and tests He made.

"always do your prayer before and after your sleep"

Ezmal Ab. Rashid


This is a post to my dearest x-senior at U.T.P. He was a well-rounded students and is and will be rounded as always as he is now currently working doing nothing in q******2. Is he really that lucky not to sweat and still earn four digits income? Interesting~ Yeah, so lucky he is. Ha ha ha.

Well, first encountered was during the Convofair'05. We were in the same department. Social and Humanities 2005. Yeah, we rocked~ Till now, I believe there are no other committee that could challenge our achievements. He was the secretary of the department and was awarded as the best secretary ever. Even the secretary of the high committee at that time looked suck. Ha ha ha.

He is quite a direct type of person who will say the right things loud and clear. Event the Director General at that time could not compete. Ha ha ha. Missed the good all day. If my old hard disk was not crashed, I would be posting lots of our photos at that time.

He is the savior of my food stocks. If I could not finish my food stock at the end of the semester, I just phoned him and he would be like, poof, arrived in no time. He he he. This is the only person that I know who like to eat, suck, swallow and any other ways to insert the mayonnaise into his stomach. Mayonnaise-maniac! Ha ha ha.

-24.08.2008- my nestum!

P/S TO PITYA: If you are reading this, where is the CD that you said that you would give to me which contains our SNH05 Memories?

you can view his details here.

Tag #5 - A bit late [][]

This tag was started with Hani, then she tagged Gta, who then tagged me to play along.

1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

starting time: 8.15 am

Harith bin Razali.



shoe size
Malaysia size, 6 or 7.
International size, 40 or 41.


where do you live:
Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

have you ever been on a plane?
Once, a short time, 45 minutes traveling from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

swam in the ocean?
To be specific seaside of the beach only and I do not know how to float.

fallen asleep in school?
Ho ho ho. One of my favorites activities in any class or any lecture or event in the lab.

broken someone's heart?
A lot. I regretful that I once broke my mum's heart.

fell off your chair?
Several times during primary and secondary schools.

-"not me": credit to West-

sat by the phone and waited all night for someone to call?

No. I am the one who made the call. Ha ha ha

saved emails?
Got spammed a lot. But saved SMS a lot, the ones which are nice and sweet. He he he.

what is your room like?
Dun want to talk about it. Currently served as my family's store room. -Sigh-

what's right beside you?

My right hand. He he he.

what was the last thing you ate?
Gardenia - twiggies, cream dream Vanila. Next is chocolate.

ever had chicken pox?
Yes, once. Happy to experience it once :D

like picnics?
A lot. Can eat more and play more.

who was/were the last person you dance with?
Usually with babies. I like to play and babysitting them :)

last made you smile?
Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl [In The World].

you last yelled at...
Network in UTP. Dowh~ Internet connection is the worst.

today did you talk to someone you like?
Chat only! -wishing that someone good luck for today's exam paper.

kissed anyone?
French kiss? Not yet.

get sick?
Headache. Thinking and worrying about family's conditions.

talk to an ex?
Ex? Who? Which ex? Ha ha ha.

missed someone?

who do you really hate?
My ignorance.

do you like your handwriting?
50-50. My teachers always complaint because of my handwriting is so small than other boys. My khot [Arabic writing] is my second handwriting and I proud of my skills.

are your toenails painted?
What the? Haram! Forbidden and unhealthy acts.

whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in?
My parents' bed :D It has nice smells

what colour shirt are you wearing right now?
Square shapes in green and dark blue colors.

are you a friendly person?
Most of the time. But I like to tease others very much. Ha ha ha.

do you have any pets?
No. But I have a small garden of orchids.

do you sleep with the tv on?
Once, got scolded by my dad.

what are you doing right now?
Gardenia - twiggies, cream dream chocolate. He he he.

can you handle the truth?
InsyaAllah, I will try my best.

are you closer to your mother or father?
Mother. Nowadays being more equality towards both my parents.

do you eat healthy?
Getting to it. Healthy Good Tastes - Sushi King.

do you still have pictures of you and your ex?
Ex? Who? Which ex? Ha ha ha.

if you're having a bad day, who would you most likely go to?
My mother of course, then my best friend, my best buddy, and my best roommate. He he he~

are you loud or quiet most of the time?
Loud. XD

are you confident?
No. But stubborn enough. Ha ha ha.

5 things I did 10 years ago:
1. I was in Standard 6.
2. Miserable moment to obtain a lower grade of UPSR than my cousins.
3. Still fighting with siblings.
4. Still playing LEGO.
5. Still active going to clinic for medication of asthma. Ha ha.

5 things I would do if I am a billionaire:
1. To take the whole family to do pilgrim in Mecca.
2. To buy few rows of houses in few residential areas and rent it to generate more money.
3. To create employment opportunities to reduce poverty.
4. To live happily.
5. To die peacefully.

Right. Now I tag: no one~ [outlawed]


12 November 2008

Tag #4 - Current Status

Ha ha ha.

A tribute to Jazlin, she tagged me. Sorry for the late posting, was too lazy that time. Only thinking for what would happened in the first paper but ended up playing DOTA all the time. But, since my best buddy tagged me also, no more excuse dow, need to do it. Or sleep outside. Sigh.

Current status? Hurm, today is a break from the exam, but tomorrow's paper would be my third paper for this semester.

My face? Yup, I would not be keeping my mustache anymore. I shave it once a week since 1month ago. People always mistaking my age because of my appearance. Yup, trying very hard to keep the hair long enough. Survived my sis's blabering and my mum's not so taking it seriously yet. Ho ho ho. If my mum is serious, she would cut my hair by herself. I am grateful that my mum is talented and owns skills more than normal mum. I am waiting for my mum to give my hair a cut. She always stories out how she used to trim my hair and my siblings', even my dad's hair.

Ha ha ha. I am an outlaw kind of person. I don't put the rules of this tag, but I would like to tag:

Gta n Fiqa

I think that's all for this morning. Till next time. Bye~

p/s: if any1 out there want to do also..please, go on..then inform me later. Thank you.

"tagged, you are next"