31 December 2008

Last Day Of Year 2008

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and good day to all:

Today, this morning, I went to the Main Post Office Malaysia of Kota Bharu which is located very near to my house. Everyone knows what are their functions besides than handling the postal letters and parcels are to provide the others related services such as to claim the road tax's rebates. That was my purpose when I went to the post office. And I had a bad experience there on this last day of this year 2008.

I was a bit disappointed when I first stepped into the office. I do not know how to say, but what I observed have been like what I had experienced before in the mid of 2008 or even few years back. So, I think what if I do some comments and submit also suggestions. But I could not find any suggestion form [or may be I was really in downed mood that I could not find one].

So, let us go one by one [purely from my today's experience and observation]:

1. Counters: It is lovely to have or to install lots of counters as one is providing services as their main "product". From the management's view, more counters means more interactions with the clients or users. From the perspectives of the clients of users, more counters means less time to wait. But what will happen when there is 12 counters with their own specific functions and there were 4 counters only. Furthermore, there would be one counter which is inactive either the person in charged is M.I.A. or got distracted. Then, the inactive counter will be in alternate with other active counters.

2. Distraction: Yes, to have colleagues in the office environments are good. Sometimes, they could be the group that we could depend and trust. But, what will happen if the person of in charged of a counter being distracted? Not only once or twice, but from my observation, there was never ending. Let's see from few perspective: (i) The clients' view, as I was experiencing it and they are selling the "service"- it would lead to a non-ethic conduct if the in charged person got really distracted and the process or the service got hang or paused; (ii) The counter person- as the in charged person of a counter, the first thing is to set the goal in giving the best service to the client. If there is an urgent matter that need your attention, finish the process with the current client; (iii) The distracting person- I think these kind of people should disturb the others' process if there is a very important matter that need the specific attention from the counter person. Or at find another suitable ways such as leaving a note rather than impolitely stop the process or wait for the current process to finish and before the counter person calls the next number.

3. Network: today, unexpected thing happened. There was an internet connection problem as one of the staff announced that they could not process anything related to insurance issue such to buy, to pay or to update the insurance. Then I asked myself, where is the IT technician? Don't they have at least a standby IT technician that can be directly call to assist or to settle the problem. Or, did they forgot to settle the bills? Seriously!

4. Notification: the notices are everywhere and sometimes not very helpful enough in delivering the information. Furthermore, the notices are posted scatter and not centralized. Even so I was waiting about more than one hour to claim my road tax rebates as I had renewed my motorbike's road tax the other day. But, the counter person informed me that the claim can be took place after 7 days of working after the renewal of road tax. I was shocked and asked where it was informed at and he pointed at a small size yellow paper than A4 paper posted at the other counter. Sigh, I was really hoping to have that rebate to replace Shasha's side mirror. Even there is no news been made that vehicles' owners have to wait 7 days of working after the road tax renewal in the media or television. The previous report was that the vehicles' owners can claim their rebates when they had renewed their vehicles' road tax.

Thus, here I conclude these final post of this year with several suggestions:

1. To have a systematic management in approving the Leave Application of the counter staff so that what happened today, to many counter closed [more than half] could be lessen and thus avoided. Thus the process for each client would be smoothly done in average time as always.

2. To be more professional. If they needed more trainings, why not. Polish up their potentials in delivering the services with smiles. Thus creating a comfort and good environment as well as the efficiency of every staff could be increased. ^^

3. To have at least an IT technician to be ready to be called if there is anything related to computer and software problem. I said this because most of the counter persons are not young and up-to-date to the current unlimited developing technologies.

4. I would like to say that if one already has notification boards, please UTILIZE them as maximum as possible. For any important notices please posted at strategic locations, such as besides or on the entrance doors with attracting colors of paper and fonts. This method is very useful in delivering the information to customers so that they do not have to take number and wait for the whole day, but when being called to the counter, the pointed that notice of cancellation of further delay.

Lastly, happy finishing your holidays and happy new year~! What is or are your resolutions this new year? And did previous resolution(s) resolved? Ha ha ha.

"Lets Improve Ourself Together For Better Than Yesterdays"

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