05 December 2008

Missing Episode 9 - First Day At Home

-the salak fruits-

Not much activities done during the first day at home. Usual routines when arrived at home:

1. Arrival reporting at grandmothers house

-my cousin from Sabah with our grandmother [bad mood]-

2. Arrival reporting at aunts and uncles

-at my uncle orchard-

3. Visit and weekend shopping at Weekend Market Wakaf Che Yeh

4. Bought some fruits such as pomegranate [buah delima]

5. Plucking the rambutan and salak fruit at uncle's orchard

-salak & rambutan fruits-

6. Playing soap bubbles with cousin.

-me & my cousin-

7. Doing some gardening and bought some new orchids :)

"happy holidays"


Hafizd said...


mne gmbo lembu korban? xdo ka?

HARITH said...

ngahaha..aku x g kat tempat korban lembu..malas nye thn ni..sb tempat sama ngan thn lepas n aku x sumbang ape2 dlm majlis korban tu..huhu