23 April 2008


I received a phone call from my mum this morning. At that time I was reciting the Koran. At the early of the conversation was usual; asking her health and whether she had taken her breakfast. Then she said that his younger brother stayed over last night since my dad went to KL for a course.

.....silent for a few seconds and I could hear her taking a deep breath.

She confessed, "Wan is not very well, just a little bit fine from ill. The fever and illness for the past weeks was terrible." I was shocked that she never told me before in our previous phone conversations. She said that she is waiting for to come home first before she stories it out.


21 April 2008

My Lunch As Of For Today

Lunch~ Oh Lunch~

To some extents, I really love to eat. My eating is to keep me alive and my stomach happy. Most people said, if you want to know whether a man which I am referring to a husband, "is he HAPPY or NOT? See their waist. If it is wider than before, it means he is living in a happy life". That is so stereotyping, I would say. [I am sorry if I hurt reader'(s) feeling.]

But I always pray for the best to all my family, my friends and my readers. During my early period of industrial training, where staff PETLIN had meetings almost everyday because of malfunction of the extruder, there were lots of food and refreshments that were meant to be finished. It was like a raining of food at that time. Furthermore, with the farewells of retired and promoted staffs, "Nasi Dagang Terengganu" would be the topic in the air. Wah! The days were full of food and they were free. Alhamdulillah, everyday I went home ~ FULL.

Then, Gina said, "Harith, I always see you with hands full and you are always eating and eating." PING~! Head shot. That was not the end, "Harith, you have become fat. Different than the early days of your intern." Twice being head shots. Followed with lots of comments afterwards.

Then I started to take control of my diets. Well, it was so hard to initiate to change my habit of eating which I love most -to eat- and enjoy doing it all the time. Ha ha ha. It lasted for couple of weeks and I have made another U-turn to my old habit. Eating and eating and eating.

Alhamdulillah, since I am currently maintaining my exercises on my evenings, I play badminton or squash, during weekend's nights I play futsal with PETLIN staff, latest would be petong aka sand bowl [not lawn bowl], I eat less and less. In a week, my dinner of rice would be twice or three times only. Even on some nights I eat only fruits like green apple or banana. It pays a lot. Although I saved up some money for the fuels, I also received comments that I am fit and steady. Alhamdulillah~ Even during my lunch time, I constantly trying to eat less than I wanted to as like today's lunch:

InsyaAllah, next time I will post my way of eatings that I actually combined from Prophet Muhammad's ways and proven from the researches done.

"Basmallah at the start & end with Alhamdulillah."

19 April 2008


Well, today I did not have much fun of doing anything than sleeping all day longs. Ha ha ha. A bit regrettable I felt of not doing anything good or house works rather than hibernating for almost more than 12 hours of sleeping. May be a new records for me. Can start by opening a small classes for sleeping. He he he.

What's next of my chapters of life that I want to share? If you have anything that you all, the readers want to know about me, do not hesitate to ask me. InsyaAllah, I would be glad to share whether it is my life stories of boringness or my experiences with people and problems. Ha Ha Ha

18 April 2008


-The FUTSAL's Family-

Tonight I had the opportunity to play futsal, PETLIN CLOSED Tournament. The team members was me and Abdul Hafiz from Instrument Department and the rest were from the Security Guard. Fuhss at first I thought that we did not have the chances to go to the second round.

Alhamdulillah, they, the Security Personnels were very fit and good in handling as well as to shoot goals. I was astonishing by their game plans and when they were on the court. In the first game, we did not that lucky to win as we were not very used to play together and in fact, that was the first time me and Hafiz played with them. Superb, either passing or shoot, they improved bit by bit.

In the second game, we tied up with 1 to 1 goal scored. We played against one of the favorite teams that consisted of Shahrul (Ah Chong), Hairu (the big man) and my roommate, Hadi. They played a faired and square game. OPpss, actually in the second game I was put in the reserved but never been called for substitution because of the injury that I received during the first game. I was lucky enough to have an understandable team mates. Alhamdulillah.

Even while i am typing this post, I still feel pains between my legs - the "private" part.

I was taught a lot by Shahrizan, the team player about futsal that never before being lecture even my friends in campus. Wow, his knowledge was like an expert and it could not be doubted as I observed the way he played from the outside. He and Zamri touched few things that I can improved. I was fortunate to have team mates that concerned to their team members. Alhamdulillah ^_^.

Then came the third match, the game that would decide either my team or the opposition that would go for the semi-final. I did played for the first half and I did improved some of weakness such as to closed the gap of the open fields and also to delay the opposition before shooting or passing. Alhamdulillah, we won the third and went to semi-final.

In the semi-final, we were met with the Winner from Group A, Syukri's team. They had talented players in their team including Syukri himself. I was put in reserved before substituted one of the team members in the late of the games, Rozi. Alhamdulillah, with the teaching and support from the team members, I did managed to score a GOAL for my team before the whistle was blown. YES! A few touch before I shot the loveliest goal of the night. He he he.

-The FINAL Teams-

In the final, we met the opposition of our first game. It was like a rematch. But sadly, they were better and much better than us. We lost quite a lot of opportunity to score goals and they had utilized their skills and teamworks better than us. CONGRATULATION for their winning.

-Me and the trophy-

But, Alhamdulillah, we were still the 1st runner up. Yeah yeah. It is also known as 2nd place. It is better than the 3rd place. He he he. We had the prize giving ceremony after that and a lot photos taken for records and for my personnel collection and memories in PETLIN. I really did enjoyed the games. ^_^


"If you want something (like a ball), GO & GET IT!"

17 April 2008

Feist - 1234

This is one of new songs that I just discovered through my friend, nurul aain. It is a slow type song. The lyrics is so soft and easily understood. I hope you all enjoy the song.

One Two Three Four
Tell Me That You Love Me More
Sleepless Long Nights
That Is What My Youth Was For

Old Teenage Hopes Are Alive At Your Door
Left You With Nothing But They Want Some More

Oh, You're Changing Your Heart
Oh, You Know Who You Are

Sweetheart Bitterheart Now I Can Tell You Apart
Cosy And Cold, Put The Horse Before The Cart

Those Teenage Hopes Who Have Tears In Their Eyes
Too Scared To Own Up To One Little Lie

Oh, You're Changing Your Heart
Oh, You Know Who You Are

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine, Or Ten
Money Can't Buy You Back The Love That You Had Then
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine, Or Ten
Money Can't Buy You Back The Love That You Had Then

Oh, You're Changing Your Heart
Oh, You Know Who You Are
Oh, You're Changing Your Heart
Oh, You Know Who You Are
Oh, Who You Are

For The Teenage Boys
They're Breaking Your Heart
For The Teenage Boys
They're Breaking Your Heart

:: enjoy~

My Best Buddy

Alhamdulillah. Weeks by weeks, months by month, I have the opportunity given by Allah to add new ORCHID into my personnel collections.

Talking about orchids, this is one of many from my collections that is very hard to bloom. Although my mother and i bought it almost 6 to 7 months, we were frustrated that it did not flower even the orchids from the same stock at the flower shop had flowered beautifully with red, green yellowish and pink colors. Furthermore, we could not determine what kind of colors of the flower if it came out because the owner, Kak Zan also did not know.

Alhamdulillah after another kind of flower from the same family of this kind that I brought home with a shoot of flower and played MP3 songs for many times, it started to come out. I cheered it with joy with the short small SHOOT it gives out. It is true that Allah will always be with those who has passion and patient along with them good intentions and boastful rewards in the end. Alhamdulillah.

I would like to tribute this flower to my best buddy Mohd Rosli bin Kamaruddin. He is one of kind in this world. He like red color very much. So girls out there please take NOTE. If you want to give presents or to tackle him, make sure it(s) has something to do with RED.

An emotional friend of mine that sometimes he is like an interpreter to my feelings. Thats why I do not really mind if he is emotional on certain things but not ALWAYS. *Rosli please take note!. He he he.

He is sometimes quiet but his thought or ideas given is marvelous. A really blessed person with high IQ and effective EQ [as he is an emotional person]. Just like the orchid, to get his trusts would never be as easy as it seems. Quiet, calm and persist mind are his weapons. Patient is the key to win his heart and trust. At the end we became the bestest buddy like the flower was being bloomed beautifully by Allah as a reward to my passion and patient. Alhamdulillah~

Nonetheless, he is a good peer and a loyal colloq to me. I always forced him to accompany me wherever I went during my study in UTP. But in return I always be there for him. A true friend is the one call best buddy.

A true best buddy is the one who always there for his buddy. It is true, sometimes we did not recognized others until we have somethings in common. But actually we do have something(s) in common with all people that we eventually realized it when either one side voice it out. So be more open towards other. Accept them as they are. InsyaAllah others will accept you as you are. This is because Allah accept all as they are.

"EMOTIONS keep the world spinning"

15 April 2008

My 22nd Birthday

How long since it has passed? Wait a, let me check it first.

It has been exactly 10 days from my date of birthday of 22 years old. While I am posting out this blog, I have lived in this world for 8,046 days. For my 22nd birthday, I felt really depressed and disappointed. As the contradict of what people always said:

"Ulam yang diidamkan tidak kesampaian, pucuk yang diharap tidak tahu ke mana."

Yes. I did wait for a few birthday wishes from some people that I felt closed to me in the HEART. Alhamdulillah for those that wished my birthday on time or late for few days, especially my BEST BUDDY. Thank you Mohd Rosli Kamaruddin for always being there for me.

But, it almost has been two weeks and I still felt a bit of heart broken.

From one side or a portion of my heart had been crushed badly and I left it to Allah to heal that part.

From another side of a portion, still I feel unease even though I have not tell her or him [just let it be unquestioned whether it is he or she] that she or he did not wish my birthday. Well I considered she or he as my special friend not like others. I do not have any intension that she or he would read this in return for her or his late wish. But at least I have a way to express my feelings towards my friends. If you have friends that you wished to be friend forever, remember them always. At least wish them on their birthday and it means a lot to those being wished.

Thank you again for being my FRIENDS.

Minutes of nothings

Today, 15 April 2008 has been marked as the most tension and stressful day of trainee since trainee's period of industrial training. It happened during the departmental meeting for the department's activities during the next Town Hall Session. A brief description of Town Hall: it is where a sharing session between the managements and the workers, from the highest position - Chief Executive Officer until the contractors. We will gather in the Multi-Purpose Hall and listen to those who presenting his or her department in sharing their knowledges and achievements. During the meeting, trainee was given the responsibilities to take the minutes using the meeting room's computer. Trainee typed as what the members discussed and agreed.

Then until one of the members of the meeting wanted to show his works, the file could not be open. A few times of trials and errors that trainee tried to open the file but resulted in failure. Well, the file was edited and saved using freelance which trainee not familiar with. Not very very very familiar to trainee. Trainee felt useless at that time. Then, the owner of the file did manage to call upon an IT specialist to help him to open the file. Well since he was the one and only person that expert in IT we had to bear with some of his not so GOOD attitudes. Sometimes trainee felt really irritated and really really really wanted to kick his butt. The minutes file that trainee was editing still open and unsaved. During the trials and errors that IT guy was doing, he wanted to closed the minutes file. He asked whether trainee had saved it or not. Trainee said loud and clear that it was not saved plussed the back up from another staff saying the same thing to save before closing the minutes file. BUT HE CLICKED "NO".


Slipped through trainee mouth. Trainee was really pissed off by his actions which was really uncomfortable and irritating. Although being said clearly that the file needed to be saved yet he click "NO". PISSED by his actions even not admitting that it was his fault and continued selamba doing dunno. Without getting an excuse, trainee left the meeting room. What a crap! Doing something but yet ended up with nothing.