27 September 2008

On my way home

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty Allah, that gave another opportunity to be by family side again. I arrived home yesterday from campus. The journey was fun as I traveled with my best buddy [moroka] and another friend of us [burger budu blogger]. We took off from campus before 1.15 p.m. and headed to Cameron first through Simpang Pulai.

Me and moroka spent quite a lot in buying vegetables and oranges for our family. Me spent the most as my neighbour did ask to buy for theirs. I also ended up buying a lot of roses and lili for the decoration during eid-fitri. Budu?, well~ budu did buy some oranges. A packed of strawberry also was bought. He he he.

A ray of light at Lojing

On our way home, we faced some road difficulties and were endangered by other road users. There was one lorry driver [picture below] who drove insanely. He was about to take over another lorry in front of him, and we were behind the lorry. Since, there was another car coming on the opposite direction, and the lorry was already at the another lorry's side.

Bad lorry driver

He slowed down the lorry and reenter the lane, which was to the in front of us. We were shocked by his careless action. If not to the intuition that I have and the responsibilities in making sure my friends arrive home safely, I managed to avoid an accident. Come on la, Atoz vs. the lorry? Very damn la that driver. Bad lorry driver. Although there was no load being carried, he should think more about the others. Furthermore, eid-fitri is just around the corner.

"Happy Eid-Fitri to All Muslim"