27 April 2009

Missing Episode 23 - Dhuha

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Here, I just want to share two pictures that I took on 20 April morning. It was just before the Dhuha time. In Islam, Solat Sunnat Dhuha is encouraged by our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as it is one of his many ibadahs and religious of everyday routine. I am not the one to be the reference for a deep discussion about Dhuha. I hope you can refer it back to the recognized scholars of Islam or Imam in your area.

I want to share some knowledge regarding photography. According to my best buddy, who is really in getting a DSLR, is now reading Photography magazines and reading materials. He quoted that, among the professional photographers, the best time to take the scenary pictures are during early morning (before Dhuha) and late evening (just before Maghrib). The lights during that times are essentially strong in term of red or orange colors emitted from the Sun. Thus creating a nice mixed with clear white cloud, if any. It is really cool scenary on he 20 April morning. Here are two pictures that I took:

Masjid an-Nur

Lake view


#100 - Kite-ing With Friends

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

25 April 2009 evening I got a BUZZ from West:


H: ye bosss

W: jum teman aku (come with me)
W: sekarang (now)

H: g mana? (to where?)

W: fly my kite

H: hoho
H: skang k?> (now?)

W: die tak pernah terbang (it has not been flied yer)
W: skrang jum (jom now)

H: bawa rumet aku bleh? (can my roommate join?)
H: rosli nk ikut bleh? (rosli want to join)

W: boleh je

So, I brought along Delicia Choco Raising and rosli brought along a bottle of mineral water. We planned to sit back and enjoyed others play kite. He he he kind of picnic for relaxation :D

I did not expected that the kite would be Shinosuke a.k.a. Shin Chan~ Aahh CUTE kite~ Go higher shin chan~ Higher~!!!!

Go higher Shin~

Yeah~ the kite owner West

Supervising West

We had a picnic also

The fliers~

With Shin Chan

We jumped -credit to best buddy

We watched the sunset

High Fly-er!

"Lets play kite some more"

26 April 2009

#99th - Thank You!


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t and good day to all

It has been quite sometime from my previous post. Quite busied with projects and academic matters. But I am nearing at ending my degree's course. Cheers^^

Alhamdulillah, thank you to Allah for the countless gifts and nikmat that He have been giving to me. Furthermore, I am truly feeling grateful to You for this overwhelming feelings to LOVE others: my family, my friends and my readers. =)

For this post, I would like to dedicate to my friends including old timer bloggers and some my readers. I came out with a set of 3 questions of survey regarding about me. I did it because I want to know what my friends think of me and those who contributed in this survey, I really appreciate you thoughts and times spent.

Opinions that I received, I would like to pos it here as one of my ways showing my appreciations to my friends. I thank you for your thoughtful comments and I will try my best to improve myself towards a better friend to all. I LOVE you all.

Here are the questions that I surveyed on my friends:

1st: what do you THINK of me?

2nd: am i that APPROACHABLE?

3rd: am i a person that is easily to be TRUSTed?

To some extend, I am really happy with my friends' responces and I really appreciated their thoughts of me. I am sorry for my fellow readers that could not understand much of the responce. I want to keep the originality of the response. Do not hesitate to aske me later on.

The response that I received are as below:

from my BEST FRIEND:
1st: u are a protective person

2nd: u are approachable if u want to, and not if u want to as well

3rd: yes, u are a trustable person

from my BEST BUDDY:

1st: you are you...i am me..

2nd & 3rd: depends on situation

from Mrs. Faeeza:
1st: ok je.xde pun yg pelik on u ;p [no awkward things..I'm not a freak according to her :D]

2nd: yup, friendly

3rd: yup, u r.decent ;)

from Anisah:
1st: generous

2nd: yup

3rd: kind of

from Rezita:
1st: a bit kasar. at least nge aku~ kepoh skit. tp still a good fren. most of the time la~ hua3~~

2nd: bg aku ok la kot. sbb kenal mg dr foundy lg tp stgh org takot np tegur mg.
napok bekeng skit~ huhu

3rd: depends gop la. aku raso depends on mood mg n besar mano rahsio tu.
klu rahsio remeh temeh, aku pun dop sipe mano~ hua3~~ :P

from Alicia:
1st: the 1st thing tat comes to my mind is that you are a smart person

2nd: yes i believe u are
if not i wouldnt go out and makan nando's with you-kan??

3rd: that i dun knw u well to answer
but based on the few times i've met you, boleh kot

from Dr.Shark:
1st: Comel.

2nd: Peramah

3rd: hmmmmmmmm......ada "rahsia" dalam hati <-harith..bukan doc

from Dzeti Farhah:
1st: easygoing

2nd: u do approachable

3rd: u can be trusted

from Nurhidayah:
1st: friendly..

2nd: yes..

3rd: yes

from Linziana:
1st: poyo

2nd: think so

3rd: err..yes..coz Im a 'bendol' one..so..cepat caye org..hoho

from Mohd Hafizd:
1st: happy go lucky + emo sometimes. Gay pon ade

2nd: aaproachable kot..doc shark pon nk berkenalan~

3rd: hmm..trusted? boley kot

from yoorin:
1st: u r very nice person

2nd: approachable? ntah. xpenah try

3rd: easily to be trusted
i'm gonna say yes! :)

from Lee Teik Hui:
1st: i think u r a nice guy

2nd: approachable...erm...okla...once know u, i think u r quite friendly also

3rd: trusted that think ok also...but i cannot tell umuch cause we don't mix together that much also..very hard for me to ans in detail haha

from Nur Jannah:
1st: ordinary person.sumtimes annoying.haha.but baik hati n selambe

2nd: yup

3rd: so-so

from Jazlin:
1st: friendly, typical kelantanese (ada semangat kenegerian sket), alim,
can easily mix around w/ others, but sometimes u can be too loud

2nd: approachable

3rd: you are loyal to your friends so i think u can be trusted

from Iffa:
1st: saya rasa awak cam friendly je..dl dlm klas bdk chemy awak mungkin yg plg cheerful dlm klas tu..skrg maybe da matured skit kot

2nd: u maybe approachable

3rd: easily to be trusted tu.. i cannot answer..tp i trust u that u never push me

from Syafiqa:
1st: u r a good fren...
emo or sengal camne pun in d end kamu jenis jaga kawan...
sometimes keras kepala, tp its normal la guys ada ego...
u just need to learn to calm down more n not jump to conclusion easily...
tp at d end of d day... kamu adalah good fren... sanggup tlg kawan (e.g. ms convo)

2nd: approchable... but not directly on d spot...
some ppl ada talent to sng kawan bila jumpa trus...
tp kamu jenis yg take time a bit... bdk2 batch kte mayb hv perception of kamu jenis emo...
tp it takes time to kenal org... ppl think im skema n sombong (org silat ckp kte sombong)...

3rd: personally, i dun trust ppl easily... ppl dat i trust almost 100% wld b my own family n
jijan n gta... u can be trusted, definitely trusted as a fren
i know u will always jg kawan... dat's ur good quality

from Abd Azim Aizat:
1st: talkative, easy to get along

2nd: ko approachable

3rd: easily be trusted tu..depends on how long u kno dat person..macam aku dgn ko, i trust u

Thank you to all my friends. I am grateful and happy that you are my friends. If you would like to comment or give your thoughts regarding me and myself, please fell free to comment me under this post. Thank you to all my friends. I love you all.

"Friendship 4Ever"

Missing Episode 22 - Mini Project A.P.E

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

It was last two week when my group of Air Pollution Engineering subject did the mini project: Low Flow Air Sampling. My team members consisted of amira, mel, chunk, deyna, murni and zahid. We had a good time camping just outside the Security Guard UTP Main Gate post. He he he. The equipment was said be cost as much as a vios [said so in this link].

The L.F.A.S. equipment

Lunch time^^

Tea time~

Before dinner together ^^

"Report bila nk siap?"

18 April 2009

Tag #10 - My Nick's [by Anis]

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Tagged by Anis - bout my nickname in my family and closed-relatives including with friends:

1) nickname

abE : my nickname in my family and closed-relatives
Harith : outside family's territory
gatsu: social network

2) I am......

the only me ^^MySpace
truthfully and trusted

3) the special people or group or person in your life......

Family: OF-COURSE including the closed-relatives to me and my family
Friends: best friend, best buddy, best roommate, sohabats, friends, and soon-to-be friends
SNH05: UTP family love you all
WF: just started chatting and wish to know her more MySpace

4) current favorite song(s).......?

Lenka - The Show..MySpace
Epik High - Fan

5) favorite color(s)....


6) the last time you cried....?

While typing the previous post. I miss teacher Arina so much.

7) six people you want to tag.....

Tag #9 - Schools' Life Memoirs

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Tagged by Na! The questions are mostly likely to take me back to my schools' life as a non-popular and non-top student. Just an average student who likes to bring home-made cater although the school had prepared the meals.

This is how I look during my pre-school year at Tadika Tengku Anis in 1992. I wish I could remember my first group of friends during the pre-school year.

Cute-ME ^^
So let do the tag:

1) Which school is memorable: primary or secondary?
  • For me, I would prefer primary school's years, as an innocent kids who like to ventures in new life. Secondary school's life was a bit harsh for me --> the one who would be bullied by popular students (Y_Y)

2) What kind of meal(s) or food that you like most at that school?
  • Cendol. Not any kind of cendol. But I got the chance to share in a same bowl with my Science teacher, Cikgu Arina. She had passed away because of bone cancer. I really miss her so much. She is my favorite teacher during my primary school years although I only achieved A for the Science subject in UPSR.

3) Which subjects you like and dislike most? Why?
  • I like Mathematics and Science: Because I did my homeworks for mathematic problems with calculators at my father's office. He he he. Science would be because of Cikgu Arina. Sob..sob..sob..I pray for the best to your soul resides in Allah's hand.
  • Dislike would be History: I suck in History subjects because I am bad in memorizing dates and names. I am sorry to my friends and my acquintances if I can not remember you in the future.

4) The worst punishment received and why?
  • Once I broke the window glasses of the Science lab during the break while I played with a ball. I had to sweep the scattered glasses. The worst punishment was that I was interrogated by the principle and disciplines teachers because few of my friends smoked at school after evening class.

5) Which date of school's life that bored you most?
  • Nop. Primary school years were the best to be as you can play as much you liked and no one would scold you. Eventhough your uniform was dirty with dirts and chocolates and torns every where, I am a boy.

6) The favourite teacher?
  • Late cikgu Arina.

7) Items that you would never leave at school except pen, book, pensil case, etc?
  • My school bag because all were in that bag ^^.

8) The feelings when the time to show your report cards to your parents?
  • Happy, because of the time I got straight As and my parents would give presents later on. Alhamdulillah and thank you to my parents of their encouragement and supports from the very beginning until now. I love you both ^^
My parents

9) Had you ever feel jealous when your friends got higher marks? What would you do?
  • Yup. I am not that top scorer in my class. I would probably congratulated them and asked to borrow their answer scripts for references.

10) What is you highest achievement during school's years?

  • No. During my primary school's life, I did not hold any important or major positions. I was not selected to become the representative in the students committee. T_T

11) Miss the school's life?
  • Sooooo much but afraid to meet the old teachers. He he he :D

12) I want to tag:

"Tag some more"


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Last week was one of the best moments I had dined in at Sushi King Restaurant. It was on the first day of the RM 2.00 SK Card Bonanza. The plan was a bit ad-hoc where Jazlin acted as the main trigger. Me and my best buddy was utterly canceling the trip because among the invited people negatively responce.

Alhamdulillah, I had invited other two: Dzeti and Hidayah. Then Apai and Illy came along later on. Furthermore, the people gathered at one special table are all bloggers. Bloggers' meeting was held at the SKR Ipoh Parade: -->click at their names to go to their blogs ^^

Credits to an aunt of the next table ^^

L-->R: Me, Rosli, Apai

Thank you to my friends for a great time together at SKR. Lets have another time at SKR next time soon. ^^


15 April 2009

Missing Episode 21 - Fried Rice Prawns

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day~

It was on last Saturday when I spent my weekend with my best roommate - Hadi, Burn and West. We had a good time of bowling at Ampang Superbowl at Ipoh Parade. It was what I wanted for as I got to bowl with Hadi once more, and especially with West and for the first time with Burn. Let the scores be a secret between us.

Then, we had our early dinner at one of the best place I ever be. They brought me to the Fried Rice Prawn restaurant. Of coure, its main menu would be the frien rice prawn. It is RM 6.50 per plate and worth of an appetite. He he he ^^. I hope that I could get to eat there one more time with my friends. As the saying goes, "the more the merrier".

Let the pictures do their parts:


My ex-roommate, Hadi

West & Me

So tempting~

"Will go again!"

11 April 2009

Heart's Contents #1 : : 03.04.2009 : :

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day~

Some photos that I took resembling my heart's contents to share here:




". . . . ."

09 April 2009

Missing Episode 20 - Once More At GGV

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all fellow friends~

On the last mid semester break, I was glad that I could extend my break a day extra from others. In fact, to my friends Rosli and Rezita. They were willing to skip their classes on Monday 30 March. Thank you again for you kindness to extend our break a day more. ^^

We went back to campus on the 30 March, Monday after I had breakfast with my family and two lovely guests from Australia. As always, we stopped by once again at the Green Garden View on our way back to campus. I did intend to try new things besides have been enjoying the fish and chips meal for quite sometimes. It was Strawberry Parfait.

Me and S. Parfait

The lovely top view

The mouth-watering side view

On the last trip of shopping at Ipoh, I found the wheap cream that can be used in preparing the parfait. After this, I can make my own variety of parfait at home. He he he ^^

Because I could not get a hold of our last lunch at pizza, I uploaded this photos as a belated birthday post for you both.

Happy belated birthday my friends

Rosli was having Strawberry Honey Crepe

Rezita was having Strawberry Ice Cream Boat

Rezita and her world while eating


"Lets GO together this coming holiday"


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to fellow friends~

8th April 2009 was one of many dates that final year students in Chemical Engineering were waiting to close the day off. It was the second last presentation of our Final Yea Project (FYP) which in conjunction with pre-EDX poster evaluation and seminar. We are almost at the end of our degree pursuing. It will come to the end soon. InsyaAllah. I pray the best to all my friends to finished together soon. Amin.

Then, the poster that I made was finished in two nights where it was inspired by my roommate. Eventhough on my birthday, I could not get myself to enjoy with the plans that I made, at least I still could keep the last wish of that day all day long. He he he. Thank you for the wishes I received. Especially to my best buddy that won't allow me to enjoy outside till I finished my works. Hu hu hu.

At pathway of the second floor of Block 5 was where we had our pre-Edx poster evaluation and seminar. Everyone was assigned with two lecturers that would evaluate our posters and our presentations. Me? They were Mr. M. Ramasamy and Mrs. Haslinda. -it was one of many events in UTP life that I would wish to forget. Hu hu hu.

-Formal Me-

Best-buddy and his poster

Pre-EDX poster evaluation and seminar are finished. I left with two more presentations to go this semester, Corporate Ethics and the FINAL presentation of FYP. All the best to my fellow friends in UTP and others generally in what ever you are doing. Amin.

After that, we spent the sulking time together on our way back and hald an hour later in our room. Then it could not be helped anymore. We needed a break from these burden. I need to go out from campus for a while. I need to leave the campus for a while. I need outside air. Ha ha ha.

Then, it was decided by both of us to go to Ipoh. We wondered around in Tesco which was calm and not to many people at that time. We did some shopping and the champion was ROSLI. Congrats! Ha ha ha.

Shopping can improve your mood ^^

After that, we went to Jaya Jusco where it is like a must place for most of UTP students when we are at Ipoh. Ha ha ha. I did window shopping at MPH and gift shops. He he he. Then, we had our dinner at Sushi King Restaurant, where the healthy good tastes are available. Cehhh, temporary promoter of SKR. Ha ha ha. It was a surprise where best buddy said the dinner was on him. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah and to best buddy. I pray that Allah will repay you even more. Amin.

Temporary Sushi King Model

His favorite - Kodomo Bento

Bon Appetite

till to the last drop :D

Thank you to my best buddy for the best birthday present this year! & thank you to Allah for a great buddy you give to me :-)

Do you know? . . . That next week . . .

Starting from 13th to 16th April 2009, there will be a promotion bonanza to SUSHI KING Card Member. Wow, so excited and can't wait for that period to come. Next week, next week, it's just next week. Around the corner. This coming Monday till Thursday. So? What's so special about this bonanza you asked? Believe it or not...

13-16 April 2009

Next week is the RM2.00 Sushi King Card Bonanza. The main thing is anyone who owned a Sushi King Membership Card can have any number and any type of sushi based rice which are circulated on the moving conveyor for RM 2.00 per plate of any color. The cheapest plate color will always be RM 2.00 and the most expensive purple plate color will also be RM 2.00 per plate. Term and conditions apply. [enlarge the picture above to read the term and conditions]

I like it. I want to try all the sushi on the moving conveyor belt. I want to eat all there is on the the conveyor belt. I want to try them all. I want to have the purples and the reds most. I want . . . . ALL. Then again:

Sake Sushi of RM 4.00 will be RM 2.00 per plate for 4-days

Based on one of the terms and conditions, those hold the Sushi King Card 2009 can bring along their friends up to 5 people per card per owner. Ha ha ha, two seats already booked under my card and 1 reserved as a V.I.F. Ha ha ha. Rosli's card still available. He he he. Next week, it would be either lunch or dinner at Sushi King for 4 days straight. Yeah! Taking photos while enjoying the sushi is likely will be one of the main activities besides sushi-ing. He he he.

To be at SKR is the best place in Ipoh.

"Let's sushi-ing"

05 April 2009

Post #90 - I am 23


Alhamdulillah, today is my birthday and I am now stepping into the memorable of 23. As the numbers are increasing, 2 to 3 of 23, I pray to Allah for all the best to me, to my family and my friends. I hope this year onwards I will become a better child to my parents and a good big brother to my siblings. He he he.

Few more regarding myself on my birthday:

***I was born Saturday of 25 Rajab 1406 of Islamic Calendar

***Until now, I have been breathing for 8401 days approximately. Thank you Allah for the uncountable blessings and nikmats you have been giving upon me who is not worthy in Your eyesights.

***Those who are born on the same date in my FS networks:
1. xxZhafr Naxx
2. Iskandar
3. Isabel
4. Suria
5. Nurul Suraya
6. Kaki Meja

***What to do today?
1. Lunch at Cameron Highland if possible.
2. Must have dinner at Sushi King Restaurant.
3. To be happy all day long. InsyaAllah.

Please no prank :D

More posts will be published today ^^

04 April 2009

Missing Episode 19 - Misteri Nusantara [S.E. Archipelago Mystery]

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day:

*WARNING: This post is about the mystery and unexplainable events which have been happening to my family and my next door neighbor.

To begin the story, let us talk about the Universe a bit. In the holy al-Qur'an, it is mentioned that there are things that we can see and can not see. There are things that are beyond our logic and limit mind. Due to our limits, these untouchable and out of our capability to indulge within, the Creator has closed the curtain of the unseen world to the most people. It is only opened to the chosen people such as to the Prophets and animals in general.

In Malay custom, certain traditional practices are still being carried out by some people whose are pursuing certain objectives either on their own interests or not. Some of them also are practicing certain things that they do not notice the unexplainable events occurred around them. But, the conscious practitioners are among with brave heart and high tenacity to withstand the unseen forces.

From my family, things like this -the unexplained events which have been happening for more than a year are now fear-proof to some extent. We also have been practising some Quranic verses in daily life as seeking the Creator protections from bad things such as sihir or sorcery, jinn and devil, and also from bad people. Allah had said in His holy kitab, which means more or less like: He will test those believers of His religion.

It is true that when we, the believers are being tested by our God and only God, and if the guidance reached us, our faith towards the God's existence is stronger than before and we will do more religious activities than we did before. Hopefully the intensity to do more ibadah [religious activities] and responsibilities would be consistent and doubled by time.

Back to the main topic. During my last mid semester break, my family together with the next door neighbor intended to seek an expert in catching the jinn and devils that have been so annoying in their miscellous dirty works of their owner. During that time, the owners or the black sorcery was away for vacation and that person still left behind few jinns owned to disturb us. We intended to seek the expert as the next door neighbor has a new born baby and baby can see what most adult can not see. He has been crying seen the day he was born. It is normal for babies to cry. But it is not normal when the cryings become more and more louder. In Islam it said that when a baby cries from normal to high pitch there is devil(s) present and may poke baby's stomach.

That is why in Islam, there is a doa which is encouraged to be recited before entering the toilet. It is to seek the Allah's protection from the jinn and devil that live in the toilet. So, we seek the expert service from a traditional practitioner with Islamic values, and he preferred to be called as Pok Mat. The first catch was on 23 March night, the items were prepared as he requested, mainly are a young coconut, popcorn, cigarette, 7 color of candles and few more items. Well, jinn and devil also drink and eat. Smoke is their main cuisine besides bones from carcasses and food that are eaten without the name of Allah.

Then, he prepared the coconut as the main cuisine for the "hardworking" jinn which has been haunting my family. He he he. For your information, the trap preparation was done at my house. Ha ha ha. The coconut was put on 2 colors of clothes which the yellow king's like color on the black color cloth. Then, the candles are lighted up for a romantic scene like a candle dinner. Ha ha ha. Next the popcorn is being served and the cigarette is left at the coconut's side. Then, Pok Mat started by asking the guidance and helps from Allah in bringing the jinn to the trap. Then, we came down from the top floor of my house for chatting while waiting for the trap to success.

After one hour of relaxing, Pok Mat invited to go and to check upon the trap. As we arrived in front of the room, the rope which connected to the trap was pulled and the strange thing happened that, the rope was being snatched on the opposite direction. He then slowly crawled to the coconut and slashed with his knife. The thing that he slashed was non other the jinn which Allah has brought it to the trap in its worship form - a well carved baboon on a piece of wood.

Pok Mat, the traditional practitioner with Islamic concepts

Alhamdulillah, the first jinn was caught with the wills of Allah in its form of worshipping. The jinn was worship by its owner in the form of a carved wood shaped like a baboon. It was well carved with perfect characteristics of a baboon having eyes, nose, hands and legs, event it tail.

First catch: the well-carved baboon [upclosed]

It is said that this jinn was the one haunting my house and the next door by making loud noises during nighttime and stomping our roof. It was not being caught in its trues form as Pok Mat said, if it was to be caught in its true form, the wall where the trap was set would collapse as it would barge in with its big body which said to be like a gorilla. The jinn was taking a drink at the time of the caught as only the head's part was in the coconut. Hu hu hu.

It did not finish by the first catch. Evenmore, the effects from the captured baboon-like were felt by most of my family members and the next door neighbor. Pok Mat also could not get up and do his routines for two days. He said that he was unwell because of the auras of the captured baboon. It was among the strong jinns that are owned by the black sorcerer who has been trying to kill us no matter what. But our deaths are not in her hand, but Allah's hands.

On the next evening, Pak Mat came back for the second time as requested by our side. He also was not in his best shape after being infected from the first one. Then, he prepared much more or less the same with the first one, but without the candle. The cigaratte was a must. He he he. Then, it was put at one side of the my next door neighbor's walls. He said that the trap should be left for a night so that the desired jinn to fall into trap. He would come back on the next morning to check the trap.

But, all day long we had waited for him to come and he did not. Two days after the trap was set, he called us telling that he was unwell and sick because of the bad auras that he needed to bare from the first catch. I too was infected that I became inactive and felt sleepy for three days long. Even my aunts and my mother felt sleepy and pains on their backs and shoulders.

Then on the fourth night after the first catch, Pok Mat returned and in good shape. He first went to the trap site and managed to catch the second one which was smoking at the side of the coconut. It did not touch the food - prepared popcorn as they were already rotten. Wow, even the jinn and devil have taste in their food. Ha ha ha.

Second catch [on the right]: the detail-carved of a face of Dayak Man

The second catch was a piece of wood being carved with a face. It was being wrapped with yellow cloth at top and bottom. The face was perfectly carved with eyes, sharp nose and with a smile. Even more, it also has hat carved like a traditional Dayak head's wear. When Pok Mat unwrapped the cloth, we found out that at the back was two bird feathers from unknown species and two scale skins under the clothes.

Its accessories: snake's skin and unknown bird feathers

He said that this face-carved wood is used by the owner as a protection measure to her surrounding which is wore as the belt's head. Wow, even the skin head and punk groups could not challenge her. Ha ha ha. The scales on the skins could be felt and it was believed to be from black cobra. Sigh, this kind of bad things what some people put in their efforts. What a bad people they are. It also may be merely a souvenir but was bought for a bad intention to worship certain jinn. Astaghfirullah. Even to carve the face needed lots of days to finish as it was very details and the wood is hard.

Then again, it does not stop there. The person who is being haunting us owned more jinn and devil. She kept the valuable and stronger jinn in her safety box and we did not manage to catch them. When, she left for vacation, she will store the strong ones in her safety box so that they would not be easily caught by the experts. Theoretically. But if Allah were to permit that Pok Mat succeed , her house's wall would collapse and they would likely come out through iincluding the box. Because of the Pok Mat conditions was affected from both catches, we decided to wait for another opportunity from Allah. She will come back soon and when she found out two of her "guardian angles" gone, I pray that Allah will protect me, my family and Pok Mat family as well.

Treasure those who are kinds to you and be kind to them. Be more optimistic to those who do bad to you, ask them to come back to the right ways and pray for them to change. If they still do not want to come back to right side, seek Allah's helps so that He will open their hearts to realize what they are doing and have been doing. That is all for now. Until the next mystery to come. Jaa~

"Seek Allah's blessing and protection"