15 December 2008

Missing Episode 10 - Fairul's Wedding Ceremony

Alhamdulillah, another cousin of mine from my father's side had been united legally according to the Shariah of Islam. They have been friends, couple, and lovers since their school life. This is one of the longest relationship that ended with good and blessings from Allah through the Islamic Marriage. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah with all His blessings and guidances, these two lovely lovers are now know as husband and wife.

Below are among the photos that carved the most memorable time for both of them, being united as husband and wife:

The "akad"

The all-whitey husband

The all-whitey wife

The bride & the groom

The happily just married couple with the groom's parents

With Ayah Ngoh and Cik Yah

with my parents

With Pak Su Min and Su

My family and the brides+groom

The ladies of that night^^

"^May Allah's BLESSINGS are upon us^"

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