28 December 2008

Tag #7 - My Happy Last Semester Break

I was tagged by Syafiqa, hail to the new blogger! Even though, she just came back from a holiday trip in Indonesia, she immediately updated her blog. Click here!

So what is it about this tag? Well, the questions are not much and few are can be said a popular questions that people put in tag-postings. Of course, the circle is the same people. [I too tag the same people.]

Do you think I are HOT?
<--> instead of asking myself, I would like to hear what my fellow friends and readers thinks about me. Feel free to reply in the comment section ^^. <-->

Upload a favorite or a recent picture of you.


Why the above photo?
The photo was taken on 26.12.2008 at 7.56 a.m. It was before the Majlis 'Aqiqah of Muhammad Fadzli Syahmi who was born on 16.12.2008 at 2.30 p.m. Then, the great thing about the photo was that he fell asleep after I lullabied [dodoi] him for about 15 - 20 min. He fell asleep just like baby with eyes shutly closed. Training to become a good husband ^^.

Before I lullabied him, very energetic ^^

When was the last time you ate pizza?
On my way back home from campus, with BestBuddy, Azizan, and Syafiqa. The services of Pizza Restaurants especially in Ipoh have been worse from time to time. We have ranked that the worst Pizza Restaurant's services in Ipoh is at Jaya Jusco, then followed by Batu Gajah's Branch.

What name you prefer besides yours?
. . . . . . . Alhamdulillah, I am happy that my parents choose this name to call me. Other than that, I do not know what I will become. Thank you for the name. If I do not have a name, I would be nameless or even worse to be unknown. ^^

NO ONE will be tagged. I would like to thanks to all who are my friends. If you want to do this tag, please, no harm to do it ^^.


LyNzI said...

uit..aku xsuke men tag2..uhu~~

sms_topaz said...

wah2... ada bakat jd seorang bapa mithali.. huhu. i did dat tag sbb felt guilty to illy la... didnt do d last one =P

HARITH said...

wat the last one?