26 March 2009

Missing Episode 18 - 1st Time Experienced

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day -

This post is dedicated towards a transportation company that I really fond to use for long distance, Transnational Express Bus. Now, most of the long-distance buses are new and double-story. I usually took Transnational to go to Kuala Lumpur and to campus at Tronoh. The comfortability of long-distance and famous destinations are unquestionable. Except to Lumut and Jengka. I always ended up with 4-seats type of buses and very old.

Since, they are now migrating towards double-story buses, the 3-seats buses are now replacing the old buses for Lumut destination. Although the 3-seats not as new as the double-story, it is surely more comfortable than before. I really love to sit on the single seat when traveling alone. He he he.

When I saw that I will be going back to campus with 3-seats type, I was excited. It was because of the previous experience that me and other passengers had, where the 3-seats type was merely a temporary bus to transport us to Tanah Merah where the old type bus was waiting for us whilst it was being repaired. Even more, the seats are being equipped with seat-belts. Of course, I am a good citizen and passenger, I seat-belted myself. ^^

The things is, new thing does not come easily. When, on the journey back to campus, I was startled for few times where the bus was stopped and banging noises were loud. Then the last one was a little longer than before and the air was getting hot and hotter.


Soon I realized that both engines were silent. Luckily the bus was "dead" at Simpang Rui, and there was a restaurant which was to be closed for the day as it was at 2.30 a.m. Furthermore, there was a burger stall outside the premise that closed till 4.00 a.m.

The driver try to fix things out and the problem came from the battery which was out of charges.

The bus's battery

There was another bus, earlier than us which had to stop since all its lights were out and they had already called for technicians to come. The time was spent clueless at first as the driver was vanished into dark alley. Hu hu hu. Then, I was in hassle since I got lots of things unsettled. Then I spent a fifteen minutes with my laptop to make slides for IEE term paper presentation. Wow, I was impressed by my own sense of duty at that time by ignoring others passengers who were sleeping and snoring.

Then, at 3.30 a.m., it seemed that there was nothing progress on the bus's condition. I had my early breakfast with a burger. Luckily I got an accompany of a classmate. But he was busy smoking and watching "wok dogo" in his phone. Ha ha ha.

4.00 a.m., the driver was no where to be seen. I then joined other passengers that could not sleep and started to exchange experiences and stories. He he he. We were keen to hear stories which had ghosty elements and supernatural. Ha ha ha. By 5.00 a.m. there was a truck heading towards us and we were glad to see the back up technicians arrived. Then charged back the battery and we continued to Lumut by 5.30 a.m. Alhamdulillah I arrived at campus at 8.15 a.m. and still got time to prepare and to go to 9.00 a.m. class. ^^

Even more, it is true with what had Allah said in Holy Quran which goes similarly like this: "every difficulties will follow with easiness" and it was recited twice in the same surah. Where my 9.00 a.m. class did not canceled but the test and presentation for that subject were postponed. Alhamdulillah :-D

"Every event occurred has it's owned hikmah (good consequence)"


Jeng Jeng jeng~

"Short post"

25 March 2009

Tag #8 - Tagged By Mrs. Faeeza

The rules are simple:

1. Open Google Image.
2. Search the following questions.
3. Choose a pictures from the first page of the results for each question as the answer.
4. May use own picture(s) as the answer.
5. Tag other? Feel free to do and BUZZ me later ^^

I am: not related to HARITH Iskandar.

Harith Iskandar, the Asia No. 1 - 1ManShow

I really want to go to: Mekah. In fact, once I put it as the my first destination before I am going to travel around the world. InsyaAllah, the time for me to pilgrim there will come. Amin.

Mekah, my dreamed to set foot there

Then, I would like to go to Japan for Sakura viewing ^^

My favorite place:

My orchid garden~ :D

My favorite things: which I do everyday besides gardening.

Of course, everyday I recite. Hopefully to continue reading till death do us apart ^^

The Japanese-Art Ball made by me :D

My favorite drink: ZAM ZAM :-)

My favorite food: Of course it would be my mother's cooking, baked and pastries she made!

White cooked rice - at least once a day ^^

My favorite color: white

It would be a nice present for a beloved one :D

My favorite show: non as I dun really watch television or following up any series or drama seriously.

My hobbies:


Stamps Collecting

I do not want to do the "My Wish List" as it is too long~ :P

"keep tagging on"

18 March 2009

Mr. Rosli & Beloved Mrs. Faeeza

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Once again, because of the internet connection problem, I could not upload this post earlier. I am sorry to my friends and readers for the lateness. Once again, I was at their occasion. This time at their wedding ceremony which took place on 12 R.Awwal in accordance with our beloved Prophet's Remembrance. Such a nice date to do a good occasion. Now, they are known as Mr. Rosli and Mrs. Faeeza. So, I share some photos taken during the occasion:

The superb entrance~!

Their "singgah-sana"

The gifts to the groom

The nest brides in line

Little SNH'05 reunion

What a coincidence, my last long primary classmate

"it was so close, yet felt so far"

17 March 2009

At Pantai Cahala Bulan

Credits To Ezmal for taking this photo

Syahmi with k.[YON]

Syahmi with Dini

Credits to an uncle nearby who was willing to take our photo. Thank you ^^

The CROCS - guess which pair belongs to Mr. Cinderella?

Happy-BECOMING-husband & wife soon~

Dini Amalia from Jakarta

Here~ The Mr. Cinderella ^^

Credits to Ezmal - amateur photographer

At Khalifaa Restaurant

"Friends till the END"

05 March 2009

A New Dimension To Venture In

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day,

As I promised before to a friend, this post is dedicated to her and her loved one. She and her's to be will be united this coming weekend. She is Nik Nur Faeeza Nik Yusoff and the her husband-to-be is Rosli Mohd Ismail.

During their engagement

I first met and knew her during the Convofair 2005. She was the Assistant Head of the Social & Humanities Department. She was a bit straight and stubborn with her opinions. Hardly won in any mouth arguments with her, never did I win once. (T_T) Even chatting through IM always being surpressed with her thought and fast reactions to end the opposite site which is ME!

With her best friend ^^

Nevertheless, she is one of the women, after my mother who has inspired me in many fields and personalities: life, love, friendships, and teamwork. She showed me that there are still UTPress that capable in managing technology terms and a house-wife to be. He he he ^^.

Happy New Husband & Wife -2B-

Here I would like to wish you both the best in venturing into a whole new adventures. I will always pray that you both will be happy together till the end and being given good health and wealths in all things from the Creator. Allah's blessing be upon you both and your future expanded family. (^^)

"MARRIAGE - Where to lovely couple completing each other ^^"

02 March 2009

Missing Episode 17 - A.P.E. Laboratory

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day,

This post was supposed to be published after I read Kong's update regarding the first most longest laboratory experiment that we the environmentalist students first experience since in Chemical Engineering studies. Well, it was the first experiment that was carried out for a straight of more than 8-HOURS and the experiments were far away from finish.

But, there were lots of happenings for the 8-hours of experimenting. Please enjoy!

Amra -[new name of Amira]

The one who will not sit still when seeing a camera

The maiden's club

her services?..please click here

They were having fun without others ^^

"Lab A.P.E. too best"

01 March 2009

Missing Episode 16 - IEE Laboratory [Sampling Activities]

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and good day to all~

This post was initially planned to be posted earlier. Bu do to some undesirable circumstances, I had to postponed til now. Alhamdulillah, even though the experiments of the above subject already finished, I just one to share few memorable pictures during our sampling activities of Effluent Lab Experiments.

The thrill for an environmentalist with a background of Chemical Engineering was to indulge in sampling actitivies. Furthermore it was from the campus waste water facility; from the raw and fresh from all sinks and toilets until the very end of the treated water. Wow, fresh and raw! It reminds that Kong found an undissolved or to be specific undigested piece of corn. Ha ha ha. "jagung siot~!"

So lets start from the earliest section; RAW and FRESH

First attempt by Kong with bare-hand

Skipping the aeration tanks, we moved to the activated sludge tanks, here where Kong first found his undigested corn. Ha ha ha-

Fayshal was high~

This was the incorrect sample taken earlier and was recycled back into the treated drain. Put back into the treated drain. He he he.

Contaminating the treated waste water

Back to the top to take the actual activated sludge which was precipitated at the bottom and really deeply at the bottom. But they overcome the difficulty with laughter and smile~

Yeah~ Playing with smelly shit.

And lastly was to take the lake water sample. It was taken near to the Mosque An-Nur. There we were sunbathing and took the last photo who involved that time~ Sorry, not all were involved.

Lake Water Sampling

"Effluent Subject Best"