04 April 2009

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Kathryn

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day my fellow readers ^^

This post is a tribute to a new fruitful friendship that Allah have given to me. From personal to general blogging which I have been doing for the past of one year, it has taken me to a new steps further in expanding my network.

It was a blessing from the Almighty that I still can make friends through blogging with potential readers. Through blogging, I have made a lot of new friends. Thus I thank you Google and the internet :D

Here is the pictures of my latest new friends:

Christopher & Kathryn

They are husband and wife who are from Australia. They arrived at my hometown on 28 March evening and flied back to next destination on 30 March. We first started to make contact when Chris sent a email to me asking regarding my hometown. It was after he read my post regarding Wakaf Che Yeh. He said that he and his wife were interested to come to my hometown.

I responded to his email and we have been emailing each other for quite sometime later on. Then, they set the date and provided to me their details of travel itinerary. They already booked two-ways tickets from LCCT to Kota Bharu with Air Asia. What a coincidence that, their visit to my hometown was during my mid-semester break. Alhamdulillah I was very happy that I would be guiding two lovely couple from Australia :D

[-I- hope you are reading this, Chris & Kathy. He he he]

Alhamdulillah, I got the chance to experience in welcoming and being a tourist guide. Providing my hometown's information was my opportunity to promote my country. I also managed to do some survey regarding accomodation for them and later I booked their room based on their choice of hotel.

Later, on their arrival, I was surprised that Chris came to me as he has knew me well. Because we never exchanged photos before their journey to Malaysia. May be they recognized me from photos that I share here ^^. Then, I brought them to Destiny Hotel for checking in. It was a lovely economical hotel which facing the Kelantan River. On the evening, I took them to the Pantai Cahaya Bulan beach. We had our evening time there eating and knowing each other.

Truely, it was another coincidence that their visit was very lucky that since it was during Kelantan's Sultan Birthday Celebration and my cousin's wedding. When I told my family that they are coming, my family asked me to invite them to the wedding. It was my honor to invite and they responded positively in experiencing and observing to know our Islamic Wedding culture.

On the same day at night, I picked them up from the hotel and brought them to my cousin's house where the 'akad ceremony took place. It was a marvelous experiences for them as it was their first time visit to Malaysia and given an opportunity not to be missed. Later on, we had a selawat and praying for our beloved Prophet wellness in heaven. They were given the 'bunga rampai" also. He he he ^^

Then we had several photos taken with the newly husband and wife. Happy new husban and wife to the rest of yourlife. I pray all the best to you both in achieving good and happiness in family life eternally.

Mr. Ahmad Mahamud and my cousin, Yasmin

[From left] Dad, Mom, Kathy, Mud, Min, Chris, Dan, Me

Then, after the ceremony, I took them to the night market at Wakaf Che Yeh. They were very interactive and enjoying their time well. They were very surprise to find out that their favorite fruit here was very cheap, the mango - 3 kilos for RM 10.00. and there are lots of variety of mangos here. Ha ha ha. Alhamdulillah, our living-cost here is much cheaper than in their hometown. They said that there back in Australia, the mango could cost you Aus$ 6-7 per piece. Wow, very luxurious fruit. Later, we had supper at White House coffee shop. White house tu~

The next day, we had breakfast together at my house. Before that, my mother and I took them to the morning market at Kubang Pasu. There, we introduced to them how our morning life and cultures in Kota Bharu. Rarely to find in other states of Malaysia. We also bought several kinds of kuih - traditional desserts. Then, I tooked them to visit the Siti Khatijah Market. There is a construction to built a new stall for the fruits section. But, there was a group of students wanted to interview my friends. They were gladly to be interviewed by those students whose are taking an intensive English course.

After 15 minutes of interview we moved to the Bazar Buloh Kubu. There it was like a shopping heaven to them. I brought them to my family favorite stall. They bought some cloths each of them and I helped them to bargain for the best price. Sadly, I could not take photos while guiding them at that time. Hu hu hu.

In the evening, I took them to free-tax zone at Pengkalan Kubor. There Kathy was too shocked with lots of stuff and cheap to buy. Then, she bought several items more and 2 pairs of shoes. Ha ha ha. It was heaven to shop in my hometown. He he he ^^.

On their last day, I asked my father to take my place as I had to come back to campus. Their flight was in the evening and I had to depart after we had our breakfast together. It was a memorable events for me to meet up with new friends from Australia and I hope that they had a good time during their stay at my hometown. I hope that they will come again. Chris and Kathy, if you are reading this, you are welcome to come again anytime. ^^

"Blogging takes you further :D"

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