09 April 2009


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to fellow friends~

8th April 2009 was one of many dates that final year students in Chemical Engineering were waiting to close the day off. It was the second last presentation of our Final Yea Project (FYP) which in conjunction with pre-EDX poster evaluation and seminar. We are almost at the end of our degree pursuing. It will come to the end soon. InsyaAllah. I pray the best to all my friends to finished together soon. Amin.

Then, the poster that I made was finished in two nights where it was inspired by my roommate. Eventhough on my birthday, I could not get myself to enjoy with the plans that I made, at least I still could keep the last wish of that day all day long. He he he. Thank you for the wishes I received. Especially to my best buddy that won't allow me to enjoy outside till I finished my works. Hu hu hu.

At pathway of the second floor of Block 5 was where we had our pre-Edx poster evaluation and seminar. Everyone was assigned with two lecturers that would evaluate our posters and our presentations. Me? They were Mr. M. Ramasamy and Mrs. Haslinda. -it was one of many events in UTP life that I would wish to forget. Hu hu hu.

-Formal Me-

Best-buddy and his poster

Pre-EDX poster evaluation and seminar are finished. I left with two more presentations to go this semester, Corporate Ethics and the FINAL presentation of FYP. All the best to my fellow friends in UTP and others generally in what ever you are doing. Amin.

After that, we spent the sulking time together on our way back and hald an hour later in our room. Then it could not be helped anymore. We needed a break from these burden. I need to go out from campus for a while. I need to leave the campus for a while. I need outside air. Ha ha ha.

Then, it was decided by both of us to go to Ipoh. We wondered around in Tesco which was calm and not to many people at that time. We did some shopping and the champion was ROSLI. Congrats! Ha ha ha.

Shopping can improve your mood ^^

After that, we went to Jaya Jusco where it is like a must place for most of UTP students when we are at Ipoh. Ha ha ha. I did window shopping at MPH and gift shops. He he he. Then, we had our dinner at Sushi King Restaurant, where the healthy good tastes are available. Cehhh, temporary promoter of SKR. Ha ha ha. It was a surprise where best buddy said the dinner was on him. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah and to best buddy. I pray that Allah will repay you even more. Amin.

Temporary Sushi King Model

His favorite - Kodomo Bento

Bon Appetite

till to the last drop :D

Thank you to my best buddy for the best birthday present this year! & thank you to Allah for a great buddy you give to me :-)

Do you know? . . . That next week . . .

Starting from 13th to 16th April 2009, there will be a promotion bonanza to SUSHI KING Card Member. Wow, so excited and can't wait for that period to come. Next week, next week, it's just next week. Around the corner. This coming Monday till Thursday. So? What's so special about this bonanza you asked? Believe it or not...

13-16 April 2009

Next week is the RM2.00 Sushi King Card Bonanza. The main thing is anyone who owned a Sushi King Membership Card can have any number and any type of sushi based rice which are circulated on the moving conveyor for RM 2.00 per plate of any color. The cheapest plate color will always be RM 2.00 and the most expensive purple plate color will also be RM 2.00 per plate. Term and conditions apply. [enlarge the picture above to read the term and conditions]

I like it. I want to try all the sushi on the moving conveyor belt. I want to eat all there is on the the conveyor belt. I want to try them all. I want to have the purples and the reds most. I want . . . . ALL. Then again:

Sake Sushi of RM 4.00 will be RM 2.00 per plate for 4-days

Based on one of the terms and conditions, those hold the Sushi King Card 2009 can bring along their friends up to 5 people per card per owner. Ha ha ha, two seats already booked under my card and 1 reserved as a V.I.F. Ha ha ha. Rosli's card still available. He he he. Next week, it would be either lunch or dinner at Sushi King for 4 days straight. Yeah! Taking photos while enjoying the sushi is likely will be one of the main activities besides sushi-ing. He he he.

To be at SKR is the best place in Ipoh.

"Let's sushi-ing"


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

eeeiiii sedap sgt ke sushi king 2? akak xle telan la ;p hehehe. nway happy belated birthday!!!!!! may ALLAH bless u, alwaysss~!

moroka said...

panjang sungguh post ni. letih nok baco. sejak bila tukar profession jadi promoter SKR ni? laku la SKR lepas ni. xdok tmpat nk duduk plok kan tiap kali gi.

y[o]n said...

wahh2..pegi bedue je ke?
luv yogurt very much!! jom diet same2 ;)

pakcik said...

nak jugak sushi king tuh

HARITH said...

Mrs Li: amin! :) kalu akak nk try lg skali, i suggest to start with kodomo bento where most of the dishes are fried.

Best buddy: standard a..time spm dulu x pandai nk karang2..hehe..hoho harap2 ketua division SKR baca..hehe

k[Y]on: mesti la..kate best buddy..hehe diet diet diet..mama x po doh x diet pun..ttp bahagia haha

pakcik: jom..jom..isnin ni

Jazlin Ernida said...

yup, sushi king bonanza. selama ni kalau pergi sushi king memang akan makan je plate rm4, rm6 semua. so basically dah try semua kat atas conveyor belt tu. this time bolehlah makan dengan less price. wee!

HARITH said...

Jazlin: wahh, plate pink ngan purple j..tahu a suka P..hehe so alin nk join jg me n several other people this monday evening? Dinner at sushi king~

LyNzI said...

d time where i was left behind~~

HARITH said...

adeh..ada y majuk plak..khamis ni jom~ ajak ramai2..hehe