05 April 2009

Post #90 - I am 23


Alhamdulillah, today is my birthday and I am now stepping into the memorable of 23. As the numbers are increasing, 2 to 3 of 23, I pray to Allah for all the best to me, to my family and my friends. I hope this year onwards I will become a better child to my parents and a good big brother to my siblings. He he he.

Few more regarding myself on my birthday:

***I was born Saturday of 25 Rajab 1406 of Islamic Calendar

***Until now, I have been breathing for 8401 days approximately. Thank you Allah for the uncountable blessings and nikmats you have been giving upon me who is not worthy in Your eyesights.

***Those who are born on the same date in my FS networks:
1. xxZhafr Naxx
2. Iskandar
3. Isabel
4. Suria
5. Nurul Suraya
6. Kaki Meja

***What to do today?
1. Lunch at Cameron Highland if possible.
2. Must have dinner at Sushi King Restaurant.
3. To be happy all day long. InsyaAllah.

Please no prank :D

More posts will be published today ^^


Mohd Hafizd said...

Happy Birthday !!!!

may Allah bless you with happiness and happy ending in UTP~ amin

HARITH said...

Amin..alhamdulillah..thanksssssss pitya..Yes I would like a happy ending stories of my life in UTP..Amin :D

I pray to Allah that His blessings be upon you always. Amin

verity said...

Happy 23rd Birthday!! =)
semoga sentiasa dicucuri rahmat ILAHI.

moroka said...

Happy birthday best buddy. Moga gembira n bahagia sokmo (mmg tgh bahagia dh pun kan). hahaha. :D

pakcik said...

harith tengah bahagia.

tapi kemut..bukan kemut disitu ye~

pakcik said...
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