15 October 2008

Missing Episode 5 - Weekend Market At Wakaf Che Yeh

Alhamdulillah, I got to post a out an interesting tourism location of my hometown. It is about promoting on of one of my hometown's weekend events. It is the Weekend Market a.k.a. Pasar Tani for Kelantanese and Pasar Minggu in standard language. Kelantanese's weekends are Friday and Saturday. The occasion gathers lots of small and big entrepreneurs. It took place on Friday morning, between 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 noon at Wakaf Che Yeh. In addition it give an opportunity to the small farmers to sell their crops.

Furthermore, the Weekend Market of Wakaf Che Yeh already moved for the second time to a new and more organized building or place. Before it was just on plan road or between buildings. Then it was moved to a near location at the back section to give ways for the development of 24-hours of Business Sector. The old place was emptied to build new buildings, which is already finished and a congratulation to the State Government of Kelantan in a successful effort in building up a 24-hours Trading Area of Wakaf Che Yeh. Now it is know as Pasar Awam Bersepadu Wakaf Che Yeh [literally translated: United Public Market of Wakaf Che Yeh].

These are some of the newly built of Wakaf Che Yeh Market:

Design: Big Canopy Concept

Quran as the symbolic to Islam as the Universal Religion

Quran as the main source that provides everything

The main pillar which is equiped with loud speaker for public announcement and teaching

Consisted fixed stalls for the smaller selected entrepreneurs

The 2nd Storey Stalls

Surrounding new buildings 1

Surrounding new building 2

The market consisted three main sections: wet, dry and food. The food sections include the freshly baked at the stall, already cooked and frozen food.

Wet Section:

There are fresh coconut milk stalls

There are fresh chicken sections

Here is the seafood section: cheap and fresh

Hurm~"dunno, but a cousin to the sea shell"

Mr. Krab from SpongeBob Squarepats: not red

While my mother was buying the fish, I noticed there was a man who was preparing to sell his stingray. The stingray was big and he began to . . .

The stingray

He began from the tail part

Chop . . Chop . . Chop ..

Slice . . Slice . . Slice . .

Ready to be sold . . .

The dry section consists of vegetable and fruit section, dried fish and meat, packed products, clothing, accessories, gardening and hardware tools, and etc. These are some pictures I took:

Accessories and Clothing section

My mother's favorite vegetable stall

Stalls under the canopy

Dried products

The hardware stall [not a terrorist's tools supplier]

The food section is my favorite section. I got to buy what ever I wanted to, but on that day, it was the first time to be re-transferred back and my favorite shops and stalls were hardly to find. But there were lots of fruits on that day. At the end, I ended up buying RM 2.00 of AKOK [a traditional dessert]:

Desserts and traditional cookings

Variety food is sold

BBQ? Yum . . Yum . .

I miss AKOK very much

"All are welcome to VISIT KELANTAN, give me a call then."


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