27 April 2009

Missing Episode 23 - Dhuha

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Here, I just want to share two pictures that I took on 20 April morning. It was just before the Dhuha time. In Islam, Solat Sunnat Dhuha is encouraged by our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. as it is one of his many ibadahs and religious of everyday routine. I am not the one to be the reference for a deep discussion about Dhuha. I hope you can refer it back to the recognized scholars of Islam or Imam in your area.

I want to share some knowledge regarding photography. According to my best buddy, who is really in getting a DSLR, is now reading Photography magazines and reading materials. He quoted that, among the professional photographers, the best time to take the scenary pictures are during early morning (before Dhuha) and late evening (just before Maghrib). The lights during that times are essentially strong in term of red or orange colors emitted from the Sun. Thus creating a nice mixed with clear white cloud, if any. It is really cool scenary on he 20 April morning. Here are two pictures that I took:

Masjid an-Nur

Lake view



Anonymous said...

cool bro.. salammms dr me dikejauhannns

moroka said...

hoho..nice shot buddy. it got 300+ favorite plus some nice comments in my deviantart account :D

HARITH said...

to yginsaf.com: Wa'alaikumussalam :D

to moroka: alhamdulillah :D

Mohd Hafizd said...


bila la nk buat dhuha secara terus menerus nihg

HARITH said...

erk..terbakar jg aku ni..duk men on off je..huhu