09 April 2009

Missing Episode 20 - Once More At GGV

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all fellow friends~

On the last mid semester break, I was glad that I could extend my break a day extra from others. In fact, to my friends Rosli and Rezita. They were willing to skip their classes on Monday 30 March. Thank you again for you kindness to extend our break a day more. ^^

We went back to campus on the 30 March, Monday after I had breakfast with my family and two lovely guests from Australia. As always, we stopped by once again at the Green Garden View on our way back to campus. I did intend to try new things besides have been enjoying the fish and chips meal for quite sometimes. It was Strawberry Parfait.

Me and S. Parfait

The lovely top view

The mouth-watering side view

On the last trip of shopping at Ipoh, I found the wheap cream that can be used in preparing the parfait. After this, I can make my own variety of parfait at home. He he he ^^

Because I could not get a hold of our last lunch at pizza, I uploaded this photos as a belated birthday post for you both.

Happy belated birthday my friends

Rosli was having Strawberry Honey Crepe

Rezita was having Strawberry Ice Cream Boat

Rezita and her world while eating


"Lets GO together this coming holiday"


LyNzI said...

ko nyer ice cream ke apentah..nmpk xsedapp..gta nyer nmpk nyUm2 nyumy~=p

HARITH said...

aku nye bukan aiskrim la, it is a parfait, where the white cream is the wheap cream which is served with pudding + nata decoco + cornflakes + strawberry = strawberry parfait ^^

LyNzI said...

hoho..xsedappp gakk..brape harga?..sure mahal..kalo wat sndiri.. dr RM2

HARITH said...

ek elaa..buat la dulu..amik gambar then post dlm blog sendiri..aku ni mana la pandai sgt nk buat2 sendiri~ Y_Y