04 April 2009

Missing Episode 19 - Misteri Nusantara [S.E. Archipelago Mystery]

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day:

*WARNING: This post is about the mystery and unexplainable events which have been happening to my family and my next door neighbor.

To begin the story, let us talk about the Universe a bit. In the holy al-Qur'an, it is mentioned that there are things that we can see and can not see. There are things that are beyond our logic and limit mind. Due to our limits, these untouchable and out of our capability to indulge within, the Creator has closed the curtain of the unseen world to the most people. It is only opened to the chosen people such as to the Prophets and animals in general.

In Malay custom, certain traditional practices are still being carried out by some people whose are pursuing certain objectives either on their own interests or not. Some of them also are practicing certain things that they do not notice the unexplainable events occurred around them. But, the conscious practitioners are among with brave heart and high tenacity to withstand the unseen forces.

From my family, things like this -the unexplained events which have been happening for more than a year are now fear-proof to some extent. We also have been practising some Quranic verses in daily life as seeking the Creator protections from bad things such as sihir or sorcery, jinn and devil, and also from bad people. Allah had said in His holy kitab, which means more or less like: He will test those believers of His religion.

It is true that when we, the believers are being tested by our God and only God, and if the guidance reached us, our faith towards the God's existence is stronger than before and we will do more religious activities than we did before. Hopefully the intensity to do more ibadah [religious activities] and responsibilities would be consistent and doubled by time.

Back to the main topic. During my last mid semester break, my family together with the next door neighbor intended to seek an expert in catching the jinn and devils that have been so annoying in their miscellous dirty works of their owner. During that time, the owners or the black sorcery was away for vacation and that person still left behind few jinns owned to disturb us. We intended to seek the expert as the next door neighbor has a new born baby and baby can see what most adult can not see. He has been crying seen the day he was born. It is normal for babies to cry. But it is not normal when the cryings become more and more louder. In Islam it said that when a baby cries from normal to high pitch there is devil(s) present and may poke baby's stomach.

That is why in Islam, there is a doa which is encouraged to be recited before entering the toilet. It is to seek the Allah's protection from the jinn and devil that live in the toilet. So, we seek the expert service from a traditional practitioner with Islamic values, and he preferred to be called as Pok Mat. The first catch was on 23 March night, the items were prepared as he requested, mainly are a young coconut, popcorn, cigarette, 7 color of candles and few more items. Well, jinn and devil also drink and eat. Smoke is their main cuisine besides bones from carcasses and food that are eaten without the name of Allah.

Then, he prepared the coconut as the main cuisine for the "hardworking" jinn which has been haunting my family. He he he. For your information, the trap preparation was done at my house. Ha ha ha. The coconut was put on 2 colors of clothes which the yellow king's like color on the black color cloth. Then, the candles are lighted up for a romantic scene like a candle dinner. Ha ha ha. Next the popcorn is being served and the cigarette is left at the coconut's side. Then, Pok Mat started by asking the guidance and helps from Allah in bringing the jinn to the trap. Then, we came down from the top floor of my house for chatting while waiting for the trap to success.

After one hour of relaxing, Pok Mat invited to go and to check upon the trap. As we arrived in front of the room, the rope which connected to the trap was pulled and the strange thing happened that, the rope was being snatched on the opposite direction. He then slowly crawled to the coconut and slashed with his knife. The thing that he slashed was non other the jinn which Allah has brought it to the trap in its worship form - a well carved baboon on a piece of wood.

Pok Mat, the traditional practitioner with Islamic concepts

Alhamdulillah, the first jinn was caught with the wills of Allah in its form of worshipping. The jinn was worship by its owner in the form of a carved wood shaped like a baboon. It was well carved with perfect characteristics of a baboon having eyes, nose, hands and legs, event it tail.

First catch: the well-carved baboon [upclosed]

It is said that this jinn was the one haunting my house and the next door by making loud noises during nighttime and stomping our roof. It was not being caught in its trues form as Pok Mat said, if it was to be caught in its true form, the wall where the trap was set would collapse as it would barge in with its big body which said to be like a gorilla. The jinn was taking a drink at the time of the caught as only the head's part was in the coconut. Hu hu hu.

It did not finish by the first catch. Evenmore, the effects from the captured baboon-like were felt by most of my family members and the next door neighbor. Pok Mat also could not get up and do his routines for two days. He said that he was unwell because of the auras of the captured baboon. It was among the strong jinns that are owned by the black sorcerer who has been trying to kill us no matter what. But our deaths are not in her hand, but Allah's hands.

On the next evening, Pak Mat came back for the second time as requested by our side. He also was not in his best shape after being infected from the first one. Then, he prepared much more or less the same with the first one, but without the candle. The cigaratte was a must. He he he. Then, it was put at one side of the my next door neighbor's walls. He said that the trap should be left for a night so that the desired jinn to fall into trap. He would come back on the next morning to check the trap.

But, all day long we had waited for him to come and he did not. Two days after the trap was set, he called us telling that he was unwell and sick because of the bad auras that he needed to bare from the first catch. I too was infected that I became inactive and felt sleepy for three days long. Even my aunts and my mother felt sleepy and pains on their backs and shoulders.

Then on the fourth night after the first catch, Pok Mat returned and in good shape. He first went to the trap site and managed to catch the second one which was smoking at the side of the coconut. It did not touch the food - prepared popcorn as they were already rotten. Wow, even the jinn and devil have taste in their food. Ha ha ha.

Second catch [on the right]: the detail-carved of a face of Dayak Man

The second catch was a piece of wood being carved with a face. It was being wrapped with yellow cloth at top and bottom. The face was perfectly carved with eyes, sharp nose and with a smile. Even more, it also has hat carved like a traditional Dayak head's wear. When Pok Mat unwrapped the cloth, we found out that at the back was two bird feathers from unknown species and two scale skins under the clothes.

Its accessories: snake's skin and unknown bird feathers

He said that this face-carved wood is used by the owner as a protection measure to her surrounding which is wore as the belt's head. Wow, even the skin head and punk groups could not challenge her. Ha ha ha. The scales on the skins could be felt and it was believed to be from black cobra. Sigh, this kind of bad things what some people put in their efforts. What a bad people they are. It also may be merely a souvenir but was bought for a bad intention to worship certain jinn. Astaghfirullah. Even to carve the face needed lots of days to finish as it was very details and the wood is hard.

Then again, it does not stop there. The person who is being haunting us owned more jinn and devil. She kept the valuable and stronger jinn in her safety box and we did not manage to catch them. When, she left for vacation, she will store the strong ones in her safety box so that they would not be easily caught by the experts. Theoretically. But if Allah were to permit that Pok Mat succeed , her house's wall would collapse and they would likely come out through iincluding the box. Because of the Pok Mat conditions was affected from both catches, we decided to wait for another opportunity from Allah. She will come back soon and when she found out two of her "guardian angles" gone, I pray that Allah will protect me, my family and Pok Mat family as well.

Treasure those who are kinds to you and be kind to them. Be more optimistic to those who do bad to you, ask them to come back to the right ways and pray for them to change. If they still do not want to come back to right side, seek Allah's helps so that He will open their hearts to realize what they are doing and have been doing. That is all for now. Until the next mystery to come. Jaa~

"Seek Allah's blessing and protection"

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