18 April 2009


Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day to all~

Last week was one of the best moments I had dined in at Sushi King Restaurant. It was on the first day of the RM 2.00 SK Card Bonanza. The plan was a bit ad-hoc where Jazlin acted as the main trigger. Me and my best buddy was utterly canceling the trip because among the invited people negatively responce.

Alhamdulillah, I had invited other two: Dzeti and Hidayah. Then Apai and Illy came along later on. Furthermore, the people gathered at one special table are all bloggers. Bloggers' meeting was held at the SKR Ipoh Parade: -->click at their names to go to their blogs ^^

Credits to an aunt of the next table ^^

L-->R: Me, Rosli, Apai

Thank you to my friends for a great time together at SKR. Lets have another time at SKR next time soon. ^^



Mohd Hafizd said...


sushi king~!! sedaaaap!

HARITH said...

hehe..yup2..tp ramai giler..

ZirCon gurL said...

thanx for d invitation!!!
mmg puas gle mkn..haha~

Illy said...

terima kasih alin sbb sudi bawa..


hafizuddin said...

huhu ... muka comot2 je

HARITH said...

To Illy: wakil alin..sama-sama..dan terima kasih sb sudi join kitorg on that day

To Apai: sape tu? nk aku sebutkn ke..? hehe terima kasih jg buat apai y pertama kali kite bersua..sb sudi join kitorg on that day..^^

nUrHiDaYaH said...

yg comot tu apy la..haha~
nway,mmg best la sushi king!!

Jazlin Ernida said...

hehe u're welcome illy. sampai kena saman polis kan kihkihkih. one memory i'll never forget.

HARITH said...

x p alin..experience tu penting ^^

shasha aku still bersih dlm utp..x kena saman lg..alhamdulillah hopefully rekod bersih shasha berthan..hehe

Illy said...

my Lisa was tainted by a summon that said:
"meletakkan kenderaan di laluan kecemasan blok D"

date: 30/1/2007


tape Alin.. lepas ni nmpk yellow kite slow...