12 November 2008

Tag #4 - Current Status

Ha ha ha.

A tribute to Jazlin, she tagged me. Sorry for the late posting, was too lazy that time. Only thinking for what would happened in the first paper but ended up playing DOTA all the time. But, since my best buddy tagged me also, no more excuse dow, need to do it. Or sleep outside. Sigh.

Current status? Hurm, today is a break from the exam, but tomorrow's paper would be my third paper for this semester.

My face? Yup, I would not be keeping my mustache anymore. I shave it once a week since 1month ago. People always mistaking my age because of my appearance. Yup, trying very hard to keep the hair long enough. Survived my sis's blabering and my mum's not so taking it seriously yet. Ho ho ho. If my mum is serious, she would cut my hair by herself. I am grateful that my mum is talented and owns skills more than normal mum. I am waiting for my mum to give my hair a cut. She always stories out how she used to trim my hair and my siblings', even my dad's hair.

Ha ha ha. I am an outlaw kind of person. I don't put the rules of this tag, but I would like to tag:

Gta n Fiqa

I think that's all for this morning. Till next time. Bye~

p/s: if any1 out there want to do also..please, go on..then inform me later. Thank you.

"tagged, you are next"


Jazlin Ernida said...

haha thanks for doin' this tag!

blog gta, tapi syefi kena tag sekali eh haha.

HARITH said...

standard..syefi tu pun slalu j komen blog org len..tp dia malas..MALAS nk menaip..hahaha

Anonymous said...

"need to do it. or sleep outside."

haha... that's funny of u~ :D

Hafizd said...

encem lg aku dr ko...xdo misai~... hoho...

ble nk dtg kl??

HARITH said...

to halaa: biasa la..berumet..tu belum berumah tangga lg..hahaa

to hafizd: aah..aku tetap comey ^^

syafiqa said...

oit... no fair... i dun hv blog mana leh tag... korang komplot... cis2... =P

HARITH said...

x semestinya kena ada blog..just join wif gta la..ur rumet kan? k gta dh jd rumet si Z as based on her new post: Tag#4..hahaha