22 November 2008

Sweetness (Square) Received ^^

Sakana Black Pepper Set

Last night I had my dinner with my best friend at Sushi King Restaurant Jaya Jusco, Ipoh. It was to celebrate the ended of this semester. We will be graduating soon by June 2009, InsyaAllah. We had a same set last night, Sakana Black Pepper. We had a heavy type set as we both did not take out previous lunch. Plus, I had Unagi Temaki for dessert and my best friend ate sake sushi for appertizer.

Sakana Black Pepper consists of deep fried dory fish in black pepper sauce with mixed vegetables, served with egg custard, miso soup, steamed rice and cultured milk drink [yakult].

Dory fish? Yes! This one:

Very delicious deep fried dory fish with black pepper ^^

Japanese egg custard: this one is also very tasty. It has crab sticks, black mushrooms and chicken meat ball. Tips to eat this is to eat it as an appetizer and do not it as dessert. You will know if you eat it as the last one. He he he.

Tips: Eat this first

Well, after we arrived back at campus, my best friend gave another box of sweetness - Cadbury Chocolate with Strawberry Yogurt Flavor. Wow, another box of chocolate in a week. ^^ I like the chocolate very much and happy to have it as my breakfast today. These week is totaly full of sweetness from best friend. Thank you best friend.

-Cadbury - Strawberry Yogurt Flavor-

-The chocolate-

-The naked chocolate-



Syafiqa said...

mmm...ur best fren tu mmg baik orgnyer... i sat bergossip xoxo ngan dia til 2am smlm. huhu... miss her lots dis sem.

ooh...nk bg tau, my exam dh abis...hehe...jeles x, jeles x? dh2... gi study2 =)

HARITH said...

miss her pun u still dkat ngan umah ngan dia..still bleh hang out cuti ni kat KL..for me..will be at home at kelantan only..hoping to be at home at all time =>

dh hbs exam? alhamdulillah..bleh buat dop? hahaha

Doria Abdullah said...

Darn. I miss Sushi King now. Not available in my hometown (far far away). And that particular bento is what I'd always ordered. :P

P/S: Oh ya came through Youthsays. And the repost about love is dazzling.

HARITH said...

to doria: hahaha why not you try to open a franchise at your hometown. Good opportunities wif the natural and full of source. He he he. Thank you for your visit to my blog and to the comments you made. ^^