23 November 2008

Warmness Reconnected ^^

Bismillahirahmanirrahim | Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and Good Day-

WARMNESS. Yes, I want to talk about the warmness of a friendship which has been reconnected after almost 4 years left hanging and untouched. Similar to the network connection in the campus. So hard to get a good connection but if connected it does not guarantee that we can surf the internet easily. The pages that usually appeared would be the "Page could not be found" or the "Timeout login error".

It all started from a simple, very influenced gossip during our first semester in the campus. It is an awkward for both of us who were very innocent in interacting with different genders. But the gossip was spread very fast after I first contacted her to ask for a favor regarding the studies at that time. The gossip continued until our induction weeks during the semester break.

Soon after the induction ended, we started to contact each other. Yes, we did like each other that time. We messaged each other. We miss-called each other from time-to-time. Yes, I would say it was my 1st love in the campus life. But, was it a truelove between us? Or was it because of the gossip that people made? -Furthermore we were in our prime time in developing our maturity. He he he.

Then, it did not last long. We stopped to communicate until the last night, around 9.00 p.m. Once again, she was the one who brought things up. Yeah, I am not that kind of man to see through people heart and approach them later. But, I am really truly appreciate that she came to me. Jazakillah hu khairan kasiran [Thank You].

Then, the first question was a bit straight forward and it was kind of a bold question. I, my self had to make a deep thinking. Looking to my heart to find the answer. Then, we compromise to discuss on one thing - our true status of relationship. Yes, we did and managed to overcome the issues between us.




Thus, the warmness of our friendship has bloomed once more. Thus, our heart problem could be settled down and we have understood each other. Furthermore, we are totally agreed that we, currently living in an opposite world of our own. He he he.

Yes, she has let it out and she is free. I also have let, what have been kept so long inside, out and I too feel happy. RelieveD~! In any relationships, there are times of up and down. That is the sweetness and warmness of a relationship, when we got up again after the down time. To maitain a relation, both sides have to compromise, to understand each other by opening both heart to give out [let out what is being kept inside] and to take in [listen to one and another is a crucial part] as he or she is.

"O Allah, please guard our honors from the defamation of this world"


iLLy Ramudzan said...

it took you guys four years to clear the air? why so long... why not wait another semester?

HARITH said...

To illy: hehe, nk buat cam ne..smua dh ter"tulis" olehNya..and the discussion just happened like that..