18 November 2008

Missing Episode 6 - The most cherishable gift on 22nd birthday

This is the most memorable thing that I received on 22nd birhtday. Not actually on my birthday date, but for one of my birthday gifts that I cherish most. A book entitled "The ORCHID EXPERT", by Dr. D. G. Hessayon. It is a gift from my best friend. It is the 2nd post consecutively related to my best friend. I cherish and happy to be her best friend. (^^)v

The book: it is the 1ST EDITION 2008 of 50,000 copies. Thus making me one of the luckiest to have one out of 50,000 copies and the luckiest to have it as a gift on my 22nd birthday. It is published by Expert Books which is a division of Transworld Publishers. A catalog record for this book is available from the British Library. Wow, I have one of the many collection from the British Library. Yeah, thank you best friend.

Why this kind of book? Because she know what I like most to do. One of my hobbies is to do gardening, orchids gardening. I have a small garden of orchids collection. I always share the photos of my new collections with her. Well, even though I have a lot of friends, but not many who have similar hobby of mine or even to listen to one's heart. Alhamdulillah, Allah have gave me not one, but two out of all of them, best friend and best buddy. Oh, sweet is it when there is always someone who lends his/her ears to you when you need to let something out, either good news or bad news.

"-thank you-"


Anonymous said...

sweet nyer harith skrg sgt menghargai best friend n best buddy nyer~ hehe... hope i'll have one someday~ haih~ got problem trusting others bout my personal life~ huhuhu

HARITH said...

To halaa: haha..thanks halaa..want to raise me up the level of bestness in friendship? hihihi I dun mind ^^
as long as it keep our friendship lasting forever..hehehe :D

may i suggest: "best keeper" for your secret? hahaha offer ni..tolak x d dh offer lps ni..tp kena cite a secret tu nnt..hahaha