31 October 2008

28.10.2008 - Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill [my part]

The previous post mainly about the trip and the people involved. Here I want to share my happy captured moments during the trip. Enjoy~

Having my breakfast - ice blended mocha

The blues - reminiscing someone~

The odor at the sanitary landfill is not that bad~ enjoyed ^^

The shadow - like a song title

Credits to Ahmad Fariz - my first jumping photo, so natural~

Dunno why suddenly everyone in this photo 'peace-ing' and slanted

At one of the 4 Sequential Batch Reactor Lagoons

Credits to Ahmad Fariz - Promoting Lumix TZ3

New adventure begins - into the phragmites plant

Ending so soon~ he he he

"Express yourself"

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moroka said...

mmg btul2 express yourself ni. ada tag baru tu bleh express muka plok. buat2 jgn x buat. hahaha.