14 November 2008

Tag #6 - My cousin

-Tagged by Gta.

What? Talk about someone? An opposite gender? [!typical love birds!] -ha ha- If that is the way of this tag, so be it.

Inner conversation-

H1: Who?

H2: Which one? This one?

H1: Huh? What abut that one?

H3: Dunno much about that one? Why don't this one?

H2: Really? Everyone agreed?

All: Yeah

-Me & My cousin-

So, I chose to write about my Nur Hamizah.

What is the relationship of you and her?
She is my beloved cousin.

Your 5 impressions towards her-
1. Persuasive
2. Obedient
3. Hardworking
4. Caring
5. good in preparing my drinks -especially milked-nescafe

The most memorable things she had done for you-
one of my secret keepers in the family.

The most memorable things she have said to you-
"Abe~" [][]-what? She always calls me with that.

If she becomes your enemy, you will
I would bribe her with candy, chocolate or ice-cream.

If she becomes your enemy, the reason is
What is the reason that she need to become my enemy? I am his Abe~ [big bro]. Ha ha ha.

The most desirable thing to do on her is?
To snatch everything from her hands. But most of the time we share our meals together.

The overall impression of her
Sweet cousin.

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
You decide. Never asked that kind of question often. But the feedbacks, alhamdulillah, good and friendly.

The character of you for yourself is?

The character you hate of yourself is?
Like all of it, even ignorance because if there I do not like them, who else?

The most ideal person that you want to be is?
In term of role model of course the Prophet. In term of my reality of silent life, it would be my father. Never hear that he complaints about mom.

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
Keep loving me. Thank you.^^

10 people to tag
1. Syafiqa- please do in your roommate's blog k!
3. Jazlin - on purpose although you are already been tagged by others. He he he.
4. Best Buddy
5. Pitya
6. Nurhidayah
7 - 10. whoever who want to do this.



busyra said...

bape umor kazen ko ni??

HARITH said...

to Busyra: same wif me..kitorg seangkatan sebaya~ lahir pada tahun yang sama..rival in performance but lovers in the family..hahaha

Hafizd said...

it's hard for me to do it!!!! arrgh... trapped!

HARITH said...

buat la pasal kak yon~ hehe

Husna said...

kezen ngan kezen leh kawen! =p

Syafiqa said...

harith... again no fair. x leh tag org xde blog! =P klau kte buat pun kamu dh tau jwpn dia sume pun... huhu.

HARITH said...


x d maknanya kalu x buat..so better buat..

ye ke? rasanya byk lg y aku x th..x p a..give it a shot..kalu ada y kite x th..kite banjer kamu nnt..hahaha

HARITH said...

To Husna: yea..i know that..even in our village we already well known as couple..hahaha bawa cousin naik motor pusing2 dlm kampung time senja kan romantik tu..~ hahaha

Anonymous said...

huweek~ bawa anak dara org ke hulu ke hilir la plak~ huhuhu... kim salam kat mizah ek~

HARITH said...

To halaa: oopppss..ustazah dh tegur dah..tp tu dulu2 a ustazah..time awal skolah kat maahad..ooppss i did it again..hahaha

Anonymous said...

hahaha~ saya bukan ustazah~ terlalu jauh utk diletakkan di martabat tuh... jgn la merendahkan taraf ustazah dgn memanggil saya ustazah~ huhuhu

HARITH said...

To halaa: bukan nk merendahkan taraf ustazah..tp halaa kan jg menuju ke arah itu~ kan..seorang isteri solehah yang juga ustazah y mengajar dan mendidik keluarga kesayanganya..amin