13 November 2008

Ezmal Ab. Rashid


This is a post to my dearest x-senior at U.T.P. He was a well-rounded students and is and will be rounded as always as he is now currently working doing nothing in q******2. Is he really that lucky not to sweat and still earn four digits income? Interesting~ Yeah, so lucky he is. Ha ha ha.

Well, first encountered was during the Convofair'05. We were in the same department. Social and Humanities 2005. Yeah, we rocked~ Till now, I believe there are no other committee that could challenge our achievements. He was the secretary of the department and was awarded as the best secretary ever. Even the secretary of the high committee at that time looked suck. Ha ha ha.

He is quite a direct type of person who will say the right things loud and clear. Event the Director General at that time could not compete. Ha ha ha. Missed the good all day. If my old hard disk was not crashed, I would be posting lots of our photos at that time.

He is the savior of my food stocks. If I could not finish my food stock at the end of the semester, I just phoned him and he would be like, poof, arrived in no time. He he he. This is the only person that I know who like to eat, suck, swallow and any other ways to insert the mayonnaise into his stomach. Mayonnaise-maniac! Ha ha ha.

-24.08.2008- my nestum!

P/S TO PITYA: If you are reading this, where is the CD that you said that you would give to me which contains our SNH05 Memories?

you can view his details here.


Hafizd said...

hmm.. dear harith, ko turun kl lah..bwk lappy ko.. ade dlm external hardisk..hu2..

nnti aku try usha kt opis ade burner x.. kalo ade aku burn kan..

btw, aku sok br msuk opis setelah 2minggu bertapa kt RNZ.. we'll see then how the thing going to be

HARITH said...

to hafidz: owh..patut la cam x nk layan aku..rupenya letih..k2 aku paham2x..len kali bgth a..kan ko emo aku plak y susah..hahaha

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

Salam, ape spesel sgt si ezmal smpai die ade spesel post kt cni???

HARITH said...

to mrs li - faeeza yusoff: alaa..jgn a marah..nnt ambo buat pasal demo..nk tolong promote k majlis kenduri nnt pun ambo akan buat sor posting khas plak..

time konvo pok2 demo kan, ezmal tumpang bilik ambo tido..then dia banjer A&W..lps tu dio cam agak kecewa sb x post gambar A&W dlm frenster..sb dunkin hok kak yon banjer ada upload dlm frenster..tu j..mlm sok ambo buat hok demo..hehe

moroka said...

ezmal? mcm pernah dengar. cacat r gmaba tu..xdok hok cacat lagi ko. hahaha.

HARITH said...

x dop a best buddy..hahaha