06 May 2009

Mr. Ahmad Izzuddin & Mrs. Munirah

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t and good day to all~

First and foremost I would like to congratulate my friend, Ahmad Izzuddin who just got married 0n 24 March 2009 and thank you for the invitation to your 'kenduri' (feast) on 3 May 2009. My appreciation towards you and your beloved wife, Munirah upon the introduction on that day, 'Nice to meet you and welcome to the family of his and from alumni SR93-98. ^^

As to recall for our friends from Sri Aman of class batch 1993 to 1998, Ahmad Izzuddin was categorized as a naughty and loud pupil by some of you. But he is a nice person to be with as he has the charming and sweet smile that made Munirah fell for him. {Assumption with 90% confidents} He he he. He transfered from Sri Aman during the Standard 5 which most of us have forgotten him including myself. [I am sorry for that.] Hu hu hu. But, Allah had reunited us once again during Hamzah's feast a year ago, and Hamzah, how are you? We have not spoke for a quite of times.

Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for reconnecting our friendship once more. Now, he has a beloved wife as mentioned before, Munirah. She is from Petaling Jaya, Syeksyen 12 [correct me if I am wrong]. InsyaAllah, after my final finished, we will plan for a small reunion among our class batch for introduction with those who married, including Hamzah and Zulfadhli. If there are more of our friends that have married, please update with me. Thank you. Below is the pictures posed by those beloved registered and 'SOH' couple:

Mrs. Munirah & Mr. Ahmad Izzuddin

Special pose to friends that could not make it to the feast

"I pray for both of your happiness and may Allah granted both of lovely children. Amin"

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"What goes around, comes around"


Anonymous said...

tahniah wat pengantinnn..
salamms dr me dikejauhannns wat tuan punyer blog ..

HARITH said...

wa'alaikumussalam..bleh dop ambo th sapo sbenarnyo yginsaf.com ni? try cari profile demo..byk sgt kias nye..ambo dop pandai mano kias2..huhu

LyNzI said...

jeles tgk pic org kawen..aku calon pon xdek lagik..sigh~