09 October 2008

Missing Episode 2 - Firework In The Night Before Raya

Night before 1st Syawal is always the best night for me and my siblings. We went to grandma's house to play the firework. Previous years, we only played with the small and common fireworks. This year, we had a supplied of the best fireworks such as big rockets and ground shooting fireworks and not to forget the 50 small bullets of fireworks. We were supervised by our two great bachelor uncles. Ha ha ha.

The fireworks were provided by our neighbor as to play together with their 2 sons, Mat and Shah. They bought a full box of various fireworks including the big bang [bedde telur]. He he he. But we played the rockets and ground shooting only. The pictures was taken by me and there were not perfect as I was the firelighter and the path of the fireworks were unpredictable.

Most of the pictures were like a lots of worms having stomachache. Ha ha ha. We had the good times, as the sky champion on that night in our village. No one could beat us in the sky that night. He he he. Lucky there was no police patroling and our grandma's house was a bit far from the main road.

"Boom Boom Boom"


against big brother world government said...

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HARITH said...


is it true? the world we are living such as that in movie where there is a secret organization behind all the big events?