14 October 2008

Tag #3 - First Time for Everything

Ho ho ho. I was tagged by my own roommate a.k.a. best buddy who is currently addicted to photoshop activities and blogging. How to start with this tag?

Hurm, I will start this tag a bit different from others:

1. First time was tagged:
The first time I was tagged was by Halaa. She is a friend of mine and we met in a tuition class at Dinamis Tuition at Kota Bharu. We were in form 4 that time.

2. First time seeing the world:
The first person would be the midwife. But I doubted it as a normal new born baby at that time, I would just be screaming out loud with my eyes closed. Yup, no one else could be as for my first people I saw would be my parents.

3. First time eating pizza:
Man, I still remember when my parents took me and my siblings for a vacation in Ipoh to visit my uncle where we had a dinner of pizza. It was my first time seeing a flat bun with many things on top. I ate only the crust. He he he.

4. First time embarking with the outside world:
Since I grew up in my mother's side family together with my siblings and others cousins, we did not have an early exposure to the outside world. Our grandmother house serves as our first kindergarten as we were not allowed to play outside the fence. My first contact to the outside world would be during the kindergarten at Tengku Anis Kindergarten. There I made my first friend network but already lost of contact afterwards. Hu hu hu.

5. First time crushed on someone:
It would be my cousin who was born in the same year. Why? It is because that we grew up together, we played together, we bathed together [I mean when we were kids. Nothing bother us that time], we went to the same primary school, we studied together, and lots of things that we did together. Nowadays? Not that much actives together, unless when we are having a family gathering.

6. First time fighting with other girl:

Wow, it is embarassing. I was kicked by a girl, a classmate from the standard 3. After a long day of teasing and nicknaming her, she got pissed of and kick my back just before we had an evening additional class. I still remember her who is quite talkative and but recently she had been so quiet. [Well, I have not contacted her since the primary school.]

7. First time been so happy:
When I received a spaceship LEGO as my birthday present from my parents. It was for my 8th or 9th birthday celebration. At that time, LEGO toys were considered too expensive and for the rich people. I felt in love in LEGO because I like puzzles and buildings types of toys as to generate one's mind. I love my parents. They knew that I would do everything to get what I want and I did well in my academics during the primary schools to get things I wanted. He he he.

8. First time been so furious:
When my spaceship LEGO was shattered by little brother. I cried and told my mother [what? I just a kid that time]. I could not remember what did my mother punished my brother. But I know, from that time, I would be mad if my siblings touched my stuff. Untill now, my stuff would always be my stuff and my siblings would not touch or took them without my permission. Ha ha ha.

9. First time sulked:
It was on a school holidays when I was in standard 3 or 4. As usual, my parents would sent their children to the grandmother house before they went to work. On one day, I could not bare one thing. My aunt love chosen to one of my cousins rather than to me. I was so jealous and mad. In the afternoon after the lunch time, I took my uncle bikes and started to bike off to my house. For your information, the distance was about 10-13 kilometers between my house and my grandmother house. Furthermore my house is located in the city of Kota Bharu. Think about the traffic and other things could have happened to me and I was just a kid. [A lot f kiddy's stories] I was a soft-hearted kid because I cried while cyling home and the tears was showered down with the rain.

10. First time revealing my stories to the world:
Through this blog. Ha ha ha

Then, I would like to tag:


Do it if you are free. No heartfeeling if you do want to postpone it.
He he he.

"Just DO iT - nike"


Warid @ Qohar said...

aigo, was in love when you were still young... aigo aigo

HARITH said...

hahaha..well..what else could I say. We play marrying life game almost everyday when we were kids..hehehe

moroka said...

currently addicted to photoshop no more..byk sgt kijo. nk buka photoshop pun risau..huhuh.

that's a lot of first times. hoho. :P

HARITH said...

nga ha ha..yo la tu abe li kito ni..sempat lg nk open photoshop ngan deviantart..ha ha ha

reSya said...

kagum leh ingat semo 1st time tu..~
hahaha..~ aku cam np jupo ngn d gal yg kick mg tu..~ hahahaha..~!!

HARITH said...

hahaha..nk no dia ko? skang ni dgrnya dia sambung buat medic kat UCIM..kat cyberjaya..kalu x silap aku a..haha