30 October 2008

28.10.2008 - Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill

It was on 29 October 2008. Our class of Environmental Laws, Regulations & Pollution Prevention consists of a total of 14 students were in the trip [another 3 students could not make it]. We were accompanied by our lecturer:

Dr. Shamsul a.k.a Dr. Shark / -sharky-

"The students - credits to me not to be in the picture"

We departed from our campus at 8.15 a.m. We made a stop for our breakfast at the Tapah R&R. I ate mocha ice blended as my breakfast but it was mochaless taste. Sometimes its taste like milo:

The mochaless taste of mocha ice blended

While waiting for the others to finish the van drivers and Doc. Shark to finish their breakfast, we were waiting and snapped few pictures of us:

"3 men - lefto centro righto"

"3 girls - two pinky winies and one blacky greyish"

"half of the trip members"

"Hei Sharky, where were you looking at?"

"My traveling companions - credits to Wahi"

We were soon realized that we were near to the site as the sign board says: "turn to left" - well not with the sound. Ha ha ha. We could smell the odor from the outside of the premis but it seemed less smelly than normal landfill.

"Turn left to dump the garbage"

"The site's office, owned by KUB-Berjaya Enviro Sdn Bhd"

"We had a short briefing and light refreshment upon arrival"

After the briefing we went straight up to the first site, the advance cell. It was the pilot test of the company and the first dump cell for the project. It was already closed since i already reached it capacity. It was the first cell which they started with the UK's standard and they had been learning and doing researches upon that cell. Now, they are planning to extract the methane gas for power generation from the compacted garbage.

"At the advance cell, HOT~!"

Then we moved to the Phase 1 cell where they implemented their owned methods after the learning and researches done upon the advanced cell. The Phase 1 cell is still new and it has been operated for 2 years already and it would last for another two years. The design of the phases were such that they would be interconnected to each other upon closing the landfill in the next 40 years to come.

"Live show 1 - up closed"

"Live show - from far"

"Left side of Phase 1 Cell"

"Right side Phase 1 Cell"

"Future planning - pipeline to extract methane gas"

"The run off water for rain water"

"The geofabric to prevent the rain water went through the compacted garbage"

"There were two pinky winies"

Then, we headed to the Leachate Treatment Plant of the Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill. There were lots of various odor and smelly things. Automatically we got the leachate's odor for our souvenir. He he he.

Here, the Chemical Engineering students faces were keep changing from bad to worse expressing the baddest odor that the leachate pre-treatment pond. Only Doc. Shark who is already immune to these kind of odor could stand the leachate odor.

"Forget to introduce him, our tour-guider, Mr. -----"

"The microbs are doing goods with bubbles presence - respiration from the microbs"

"Treated leachate being directed into SBTR"

"I don't why Doc. Shark like these kind of things. Sigh~"

"Chocolate pandan anyone? He he he"

"The survived girls that were rescued from the SBTR"

The treated leachate from the SBTR is further treated using the phragmatic plants - like a bamboo type plant. The plant functions to absorbed the heavy metal from the liquid product of SBTR. The result is the Standard B of Malaysia Discharge Effluent / Treated Effluent.

"Stalking from the phragmatic plants - uuuhhhh~"

"Together with our tour guider"

"Eh~?! Sharky is smiling"

"On the way back, Wafi entertained us with his child-look eating chocolate"

"Garbage in, garbge out"


ZirCon gurL said...

bestnye trip kte!
taun depan mnx lg trip..
subject air effluent tu pon xpe.. =D

HARITH said...

To zircon_gurl: new nick for u n dayah: "pinky winies"