16 October 2008

The 50th Posting: 1st Visit to LOW ORCHID GARDEN

The visit was on my way back to campus from Cameron Highland with my best buddy on the 11.October.2008. The little garden located 10-15 minutes of driving from the Kampung Raja of Cameron Highland and the Kampung Raja is located less than 15 minutes driving from the junction to Gua Musang {towards Kelantan State} and to Simpang Pulai {towards Perak State}.

During my previous visit and holiday to Cameron Highland, I had not notice the garden until on that day. To be specific, the landmark of the garden is that there is a Tea Shop across the garden and the Tea Shop owns tea leaves garden. The Tea Shop is not that big compared to the valley of the tea located after 15-20 minutes driving from Tanah Rata heading to Tapah.

I bought two baby orchids that have this kinds of flowers:

The most rarest orchid that I noticed was:

Some of the Butterfly type orchids:

A big pink-red cattleya: nice smell

two stems which full of bloomed flowers

Other type of orchids that are available at the garden are:

Several kinds of flower I bought


moroka said...

woo.banyak giler gambar orkid amik ari tu. baru duk stengah jam. kalau lama lagi xtau la. hahaha

Hafizd said...

perghhh... superb!! nk sepasu bley?

HARITH said...

To abe li: haah..tu pun baru sor kamera..kalu abe li bawa kamera abe li skali x th a..lg byk kali..kalu dslr..x th la byk mana lg..haha

HARITH said...

To abe fizd: thank you..kan dh oyak dh..asal g jalan klate umah ambo..2-3 pasu orkid buwi lg..hehehe jemput la bercuti k klate..kan dh jd engineer petronas..gaji mahal tu~

Anonymous said...

waah~ sempat beli bunga lagi~ hehe~ weh, i like that rare yellow orchid lah~ nak cari lah nanti~ hehe~

HARITH said...

To Halaa: y tu from taiwan..buat maso lo ni..hok tahu kedai hok jual ada kat kampung raja, cameron..tempat len x th lg..hehehe bleh j kalu nk, kito tlg ejah..hehehe

Anonymous said...

aiyaak~ not in this coming short time larh~ i'm currently not in malaysia~ hee~