08 October 2008

Missing Episode 1 - Raya Preparation

Salam eid-Fitri to all Muslim and my friends. Last raya celebration was a complete first messed up of my eid-Fitri celebration. I had experience the worst thing in my life. Alhamdulillah, supports that I received from my family members, closed relatives and friends have made me feel so lively today. Thank you Allah for giving me - them.

In the first day of my arrival, I was busy in checking up my garden - the orchids. Alhamdulillah, lots of orchids were giving out flowers and some are blooming with 2 to 3 stems of flowers.

5 Stems - A record in my orchid collection

This one give out a good smell

This once is a first timer :D

These two bloom again, alhamdulillah

It was the third time if I am correct

Alhamdulillah, my butterfly blooms highly

Only one flower left

The third grapes group

"Buah Mata Ayam" a.k.a chicken fruit eye

In the evening, I helped my mother doing the smashed-nut biscuit. But this raya preparation, I most did the finishing and packaging sections. I am good in packing things. He he he

Finishing part - to wipe the top surface with the yellow egg


I am doing the packaging

to be continued..

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