25 March 2009

Tag #8 - Tagged By Mrs. Faeeza

The rules are simple:

1. Open Google Image.
2. Search the following questions.
3. Choose a pictures from the first page of the results for each question as the answer.
4. May use own picture(s) as the answer.
5. Tag other? Feel free to do and BUZZ me later ^^

I am: not related to HARITH Iskandar.

Harith Iskandar, the Asia No. 1 - 1ManShow

I really want to go to: Mekah. In fact, once I put it as the my first destination before I am going to travel around the world. InsyaAllah, the time for me to pilgrim there will come. Amin.

Mekah, my dreamed to set foot there

Then, I would like to go to Japan for Sakura viewing ^^

My favorite place:

My orchid garden~ :D

My favorite things: which I do everyday besides gardening.

Of course, everyday I recite. Hopefully to continue reading till death do us apart ^^

The Japanese-Art Ball made by me :D

My favorite drink: ZAM ZAM :-)

My favorite food: Of course it would be my mother's cooking, baked and pastries she made!

White cooked rice - at least once a day ^^

My favorite color: white

It would be a nice present for a beloved one :D

My favorite show: non as I dun really watch television or following up any series or drama seriously.

My hobbies:


Stamps Collecting

I do not want to do the "My Wish List" as it is too long~ :P

"keep tagging on"

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