05 March 2009

A New Dimension To Venture In

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day,

As I promised before to a friend, this post is dedicated to her and her loved one. She and her's to be will be united this coming weekend. She is Nik Nur Faeeza Nik Yusoff and the her husband-to-be is Rosli Mohd Ismail.

During their engagement

I first met and knew her during the Convofair 2005. She was the Assistant Head of the Social & Humanities Department. She was a bit straight and stubborn with her opinions. Hardly won in any mouth arguments with her, never did I win once. (T_T) Even chatting through IM always being surpressed with her thought and fast reactions to end the opposite site which is ME!

With her best friend ^^

Nevertheless, she is one of the women, after my mother who has inspired me in many fields and personalities: life, love, friendships, and teamwork. She showed me that there are still UTPress that capable in managing technology terms and a house-wife to be. He he he ^^.

Happy New Husband & Wife -2B-

Here I would like to wish you both the best in venturing into a whole new adventures. I will always pray that you both will be happy together till the end and being given good health and wealths in all things from the Creator. Allah's blessing be upon you both and your future expanded family. (^^)

"MARRIAGE - Where to lovely couple completing each other ^^"


Mohd Hafizd said...

how's papa???

ngeh ngeh

y[o]n said...

oitt..gmba ambo ms x comey weh lohh!!

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

aaaaaa terharu!!! sobss..sobsss~~ (8_8)<-- ni version nangs smpai bengkak mate! haha! nway, thankss 4 da prayers yee.jgn stop doakn akak;p alaa harith, akak kn byk facts.so bl akak argue, akak kuakn la hujah2 2 ;p haha! despite all da fight-u-fight-me, u'll find da rahmah behind it, hopefly.gagaga.btw, bl ms gmbr ngan cik yon 2?? comeyy pe yon ;p siyess xsdr pn bl snap :p

ZirCon gurL said...

weh, comelnye akak tu!!kem slm kt dio deh.. =p

5y4k1rz said...

- pitya> i'm here (,")/~ sehat bergaya mcm biasa.. ngeh ngeh kembali

- yon> x pernah tgk yon secomel dlm gambar tu... comey lote doh tu weh lohh!!

- mama_li> mama li nampak makin berisi, bahagia..bahagia. semoga mama li ngn papa li saling bahagia membahagiakan. "..She was a bit straight and stubborn with her opinions. Hardly won in any mouth arguments with her.." hehe.. no komen :P

- harith> terima kasih krn PAKSA aku komen kali ni. siap kena tazkirah lg aku.. aku dipaksa rela! warghh.. (nak g dating sempena maulud nabi... indah bukan?)

HARITH said...

pitya: there personally replied to you

Yon: bersyukur dgn ape y ada..semua cakap comeyy..

Mrs. Li: agak a..dlu susah sgt bile nk bergambar..lo ni..sigh no comment..hahaha

zircon: thank you..kamu pun comeyy..hehehe..insyaAllah

papa: hahaha thanks papa..nnt slalu2 la tgk n komen update ambo..