17 March 2009

At Pantai Cahala Bulan

Credits To Ezmal for taking this photo

Syahmi with k.[YON]

Syahmi with Dini

Credits to an uncle nearby who was willing to take our photo. Thank you ^^

The CROCS - guess which pair belongs to Mr. Cinderella?

Happy-BECOMING-husband & wife soon~

Dini Amalia from Jakarta

Here~ The Mr. Cinderella ^^

Credits to Ezmal - amateur photographer

At Khalifaa Restaurant

"Friends till the END"


Mohd Hafizd said...


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

unfair2! u supos 2 put me in! bknnye cerite p pcb ;p diorg dtg 4 my weding kn ;p haha!

Anonymous said...

ammvoiii kak yon tewww.. timang timang baby ghitewww