02 March 2009

Missing Episode 17 - A.P.E. Laboratory

Assalamu'alaikum w.r.t.w.b.t. and good day,

This post was supposed to be published after I read Kong's update regarding the first most longest laboratory experiment that we the environmentalist students first experience since in Chemical Engineering studies. Well, it was the first experiment that was carried out for a straight of more than 8-HOURS and the experiments were far away from finish.

But, there were lots of happenings for the 8-hours of experimenting. Please enjoy!

Amra -[new name of Amira]

The one who will not sit still when seeing a camera

The maiden's club

her services?..please click here

They were having fun without others ^^

"Lab A.P.E. too best"


ZirCon gurL said...

ish, sape la tu ea?
maiden's club?OMG..
tu hanya di lab.
readers, ignore it!haha~

HARITH said...

yeahh..sile click pada link itu kalu mahu servicenya..ape2 pun pokoknya kelapa dan buahnya banyakk sekali~hehehe