01 March 2009

Missing Episode 16 - IEE Laboratory [Sampling Activities]

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and good day to all~

This post was initially planned to be posted earlier. Bu do to some undesirable circumstances, I had to postponed til now. Alhamdulillah, even though the experiments of the above subject already finished, I just one to share few memorable pictures during our sampling activities of Effluent Lab Experiments.

The thrill for an environmentalist with a background of Chemical Engineering was to indulge in sampling actitivies. Furthermore it was from the campus waste water facility; from the raw and fresh from all sinks and toilets until the very end of the treated water. Wow, fresh and raw! It reminds that Kong found an undissolved or to be specific undigested piece of corn. Ha ha ha. "jagung siot~!"

So lets start from the earliest section; RAW and FRESH

First attempt by Kong with bare-hand

Skipping the aeration tanks, we moved to the activated sludge tanks, here where Kong first found his undigested corn. Ha ha ha-

Fayshal was high~

This was the incorrect sample taken earlier and was recycled back into the treated drain. Put back into the treated drain. He he he.

Contaminating the treated waste water

Back to the top to take the actual activated sludge which was precipitated at the bottom and really deeply at the bottom. But they overcome the difficulty with laughter and smile~

Yeah~ Playing with smelly shit.

And lastly was to take the lake water sample. It was taken near to the Mosque An-Nur. There we were sunbathing and took the last photo who involved that time~ Sorry, not all were involved.

Lake Water Sampling

"Effluent Subject Best"

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