14 June 2008

15G that Women Hate about Men

On 3 JUNE 2008, I woke up earlier than usual. There was one television program on TV3 - Laman Nurani. Well, I am not that big fan of the TV's program. It just happened that I was bored and turned on the Television. The speaker of the program on that day was Datuk Dr. Hj. Fadzilah Kamsah. He is a well known speaker and motivator program.

The topic on that day was "15G that women hate about men". Originally, the program was in Bahasa, so there would be some terms will be mixed up and I will translated it in bracket.

15G that Women Hate about Men:
  1. Gatal: Literally means itchy, but here means indecent.
  2. Ganas (garang): ferocious, fierce, savage.
  3. Gerumal (a mother-tongue term from North Peninsular of Malaysia means bohong in Bahasa): lie, bluff.

  4. Gembar-Gembur (cakap besar): big-mouth.

  5. Gagal (mudah merajuk): easily grumble.

  6. Gentleman Tiada (tiada wibawa): harsh or no manner at all.

  7. Gementar (penakut): easily tremble or coward.

  8. Goyah (tiada pendirian): no strong standpoint or groggy.

  9. Ganjil (gila): too awkward or even crazy.

  10. Gertak (marah): browbeat or like to frighten others.

  11. Gadai (gadai maruah): pawning his own honour.

  12. Gema (ikut cakap atau pak turut): too easily being influenced by others.

  13. Gelojoh (gelojoh tindak-tanduk): excessive in his actions or reactions.

  14. Gap (terdapat jurang): there are crevasse or cracks (no similarities or too much different).

  15. Ganteng Tiada (from Jawa means tiada kekemasan in Bahasa): not smart and no tidiness.
Well, although there are more that women hate about men, those are results from what he had obtained from his researches as what he claimed. Furthermore, we are not that perfect.

We are not that perfect. That's is why we needed each others to complete each others. So, try to accept others as they are. A reminder for all of us including myself.

If we are that perfect, then we do not need this world and better to live somewhere else. We needed each others to survive. We can improve ourselves together. Thank you.

"Lets improve ourselves together (^_^)"


moroka said...

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