22 June 2008

A Taste of Buffalo Meat

Yesterday, there was a wedding ceremony of my neighbor's daughter in Kerteh. It was not that huge ceremony but it was a combination of blue and orange colors. [I felt a bit awkward]. I meant that:

The house was in
The bride and her groom were in BLUE.

Well, I hope on my wedding there would be a nice combination of colors, or just a plain of white theme. White should be alright. It symbolizes the purity in starting a new journey with our life partner, our soul-mate, the one for common people and partners for those who can afford. He he he.

Then, the menu, there were 2 dishes of vegetables, dried fish, chicken meat and buffalo meat dishes. At first, I thought the meat was cow. But, while I was eating, there were two people talking that the meat was buffalo. Oh man~! I felt terrible. I took the meat quite a lot. Then, the chicken was a bit not fresh I thought. Sigh~

But, at the end I finished everything by swallowing all, not chewing it much. In the end, I slept for couple of hours after I arrived home.

The peak of my worst time yesterday when I was about to go to my sleep. I felt very unease in my stomach. It was like there were a lot of butterfly lingering in my stomach. For a few times, I felt like to vomit anything in my stomach.

Then, around 2.00 a.m., I was woke up and rushed to the toilet. Oh man~! I suffered. I try to push but nothing was came out. I know it sounds dirty, but it was the truth. My true feeling on last night occasion. I think, I rushed to the toilet for 4 times last night. (T_T) The accumulated time that I slept while doing my things in the toilet, I can say it would like around 30-40 minutes. That was a terrible experience of consequence after I ate buffalo meat. I could not suspect anything else rather than the buffalo meat because after I ate the meat, I did not eat anything for the night except fried bananas.

Lesson learnt: "Don't eat what your stomach can not digest"


Hafizd said...


Orchid & Pastry said...


Anonymous said...

shit happens.. huhuhu..

Orchid & Pastry said...

oh man..~!

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moroka said...

buffalo meat? hahaha.

never tasted it.

moroka said...

but after reading your story makes me wanted to avoid the meat forever. hahaha :p

Orchid & Pastry said...

buffalo meat sudah..kito oghe klate daging lembu jah hok comey molek ngan kito ^_^ x gtu?

Jazlin Ernida said...

eh bukan daging kerbau pun sedap jugak ke. aku makan je :D

Orchid & Pastry said...


len empunya
len perutnya
len selera
len rasanya


n my stomach is a bit choosy..hehe