17 June 2008

Sigh, was tagged ~_~"

I was tagged from a friend of mine: >> Halaa

Halaa~? She is one of my early group of friends who is the opposite gender. Well I grew up in a manly life. Ha ha ha. We met at an outside additional tutor class when I was in form 5. Now she is pursuing her studies at Indonesia. A big fan to a friend of mine. He he he.

Alright, bout this tagging2x..sigh..

I’ve watched a programme at astro where a reseach has been done to see some habits of university students and here are the top 10:

eat Maggi
stay up
last minute assignment
play game
watch movie
afraid of seeing the lecturer for CH
lazy to wake from sleep
last minute study

1. Sleep
Haih~~well nothing to hide. I sleep in my room and I also sleep during the lectures. Most of the lectures that I attended were my second room to sleep. ^_^

2. Eat Maggi
Since standard 6, I have not ate the Maggi as I did before that. Nowadays, I would eat the Maggi if my sister cooked extra. At UTP, hurm~ may be just 2 to 3 times per semester or not in some semesters.

3. stay up
Ouch~ not my hobby. I usually stayed up until 11.30 p.m. or at most 12.00 a.m. I do not stay up much, but I do sleep early to wake up earlier than usual. Then, I would return to my sleep later on.

4. last minute assignment
Ha ha ha. No comment. I just want to show the prove that we, Malay CAN (Malaysia Boleh). Ha ha ha.

5. dating
Hurm..dating? I do not know how to describe the dinner, the lunch and the breakfast with a girls, because she is usually older than me as I respect him as my big sis at UTP. Usually? Why? Owh, she is not always the same, shes. I have few friends who are girls and older few years than me.

6. play game
Dota~! Addicted once before, but Alhamdulillah, I could slow down and hopefully to stop playing dota. He he he.

7. watch movie
Well, just watched Kung Fu Panda last week with Kak Mira and Kak Azian at GSC Megamall Kuantan. (^+^)

8. afraid of seeing the lecturer for CH
I am not that afraid but I do not really like to meet them at their office or in class as I always overslept during the class. Ha ha ha.

9. lazy to wake from sleep
Whatever, as long as I am happy. Who are you to care so much? {Better think for the right answer before you tell me.}

10. last minute study
Once again, Malay CAN (Malaysia Boleh).



ijad said...

salam.. apa khabar...

ijad said...

salam.. saya telah link blog ni...

Orchid & Pastry said...

Wa'alaikumussalam..TQ ijad

Maryam Abu Ahmad said...

saya pun link kan juga lah... (ho ho ho)

Orchid & Pastry said...


Anonymous said...

"A big fan to a friend of mine."
what is this, harith? ambooi, dan2 kita kat sini bz... dia sesuka hati je tulis psl kita na...

Orchid & Pastry said...

hehehe..sabar2..btul la kan..ok la tu..mmg bagai pinang dibelah duo..hehehe