27 June 2008


This posting is about mismatching, and not match-making. He he he. Sorry best buddy, I need to post this out first before doing your tag. Although I think it would be similar to yours, I will do it later. Thank you that you tagged me. I appreciate that you remember me. (^_^)


Well, it happened when my parents and I were heading to TESCO KB to buy some groceries and ingredient for tomorrow lunch. My mother was planning to invite her siblings to have lunch together. So, along the way, whilst in the car, I did not notice anything awkward or strange or mismatching thingy. Even, when I got out and walk along by my mother whilst on the phone, I still did not realized what those eyes were staring at. {not to say that I actually saw those people stared at me} But I could see from their facial expression and reactions.

Then, when I was on the moving escalator, I was about to keep my phone in the pocket. When suddenly. Tup tup tup, the world was like stop moving for 1 second. Then, I signaled my mother to see what was on my feet. She giggled and I was like, boom - blushing. {koya} - bilo maso la aku de tilik..tapi malu a

Here it was:

What the...?

It was like the whole TESCO noticed that my slippers was mismatching. All the way, from one section to one section, I pushed the trolley slowly so and played cool like nothing happened. Furthermore, there were a lot of pretty girls. Man, what an embarrassment. I felt like my face was pumped up like a balloon in the TESCO. So thick that I could hardly to breathing. Ha ha ha.

Then, the t-shirt that I was wearing had this UTP logo. What an additional embarrassment. Ha ha ha. I did not mind at all since there would not blame me but to UTP instead. What a horrible student of UTP I am. Ha ha ha. To add more, I met one of my friends from the primary school. Alhamdulillah, I felt that he did not notice. Then, to make my feelings better, it would be best for me to see and to analyze my hometown people's reactions. Most of them was looking up straight ahead. Some was wondering, thinking where was that thing that he or she wanted to buy [clearly on their forehead]. He he he. Little just like turned their sight to other way round after looking down below of my legs. Then, 2 or 3 giggled or smiled. I ignored most of them and to the lesser I smiled back. But no one rather to approach and said, "hey, did you notice that you are wearing mismatched slippers?"

Thank you Allah, that there was no one rather brave enough to say that to me. He he he. Then, the most embarrassing time that I had to wait my parents outside of NAGOYA Silk Store because it was crowded and I did not want to be stuck in it whilst pushing the trolley. So, I waited them outside and it was just beside a ladies' undergarments store. Hu hu hu.

I realized it after I was done playing with my cellular for 10-15 minutes. The I snapped the pictures when I got home.

la la la (~_~")

"remember to check your appearances before set off"


Hafizd said...

oooo mannnnn...

that was absurd!!

hihi..well, u could say that it is new fashion from somewhere around this globe...haha.

better ko beli selipar baru kt tesco tuh...rm2-5 je..haha

well, thniah sb pkai baju utp gak~


Orchid & Pastry said...

ha ha ha

thanks for the support


moroka said...

kuning dan hitam..bravo2. (menaip komen sambil menepuk tangan tiga kali).

anyway, just tell them that is how utp students wear their slippers recently. hahaha. :p

[YeOp] said...

malu siut. kalo aku, aku malu. satu tesco tgk! hahaha~

takpe2. maintain macho. fashion baru. LOL

Orchid & Pastry said...

to b.buddy: itu a..dh la pakai asadi cam croc kena komen pakai selipar tandas oleh Mr. Tazli..mujur la x jumpa dio malam tu..kalu x naye aku..huhu

Orchid & Pastry said...

to [yeop]: nice excuse..I like it..A++ for you..bagus bagus..ni mesti pelajar cemerlang memberi alasan time skolah dulu..hehehe

zhu baik said...

tahniah.. u mmg hensem la dek.. btw, hows life? seems senyap je skrg..

Orchid & Pastry said...

sori ye kak zhu..lama dh x melawat blog akak..demam a.huhu