25 May 2008


I came to my laptop for another round of weekly report marathon. Got excited to receive a new comment in my friendster account. After approving it, I just too anxious of what my horoscope of the day. I clicked the link,

If visions of your future are upsetting, look for a silver lining in the clouds."

Yup, I was born on 5th APRIL 1986. My name is Harith and quite similar to my horoscope. Just coincidence only.

Regarding of today's horoscope, I am quite unwell lately. Physically, I have stopped to do exercise since 1 month already. Mentally? Hurm, quite a lot of changes and challenges I have to face nowadays. Inner and surrounding problems. At work where I am doing my practical. Current problem that my family is facing right now. I could not do anything for them at the moment. I am so frustrated including the 2nd VISIT of lecturer for the oral presentation. Oh~ I feel too tired when thinking of those problems.

It is true, without problem life would not be that interesting. But, there is limit and that limit had already been said by Allah that HE would not test HIS believers more than he or she can cope or can handle. I believe that in every problems that we face, there are rewards for those who patient. Thank you Allah that You have gave me the strength physically and mentally.

"Every Problem, lies ahead the REWARDS"


moroka said...

Bersabarlah best buddy. Patience is a virtue. Ewah. :D

moroka said...

Horoscope kita sama, yay~

Jom kita celebret besday sama2 bukak sem nanti :D

moroka said...

Care instruction tu ada salah (at least for me). 'Give me lots of books?' No no no. Don't give me any, even for free. :P

Hafizd said...

ape nih..pecaye ke horo sekop nih??

Anonymous said...

horoskop? muhasabah diri je kot... kalo percaya tu x payah la.. hehe...