18 April 2008


-The FUTSAL's Family-

Tonight I had the opportunity to play futsal, PETLIN CLOSED Tournament. The team members was me and Abdul Hafiz from Instrument Department and the rest were from the Security Guard. Fuhss at first I thought that we did not have the chances to go to the second round.

Alhamdulillah, they, the Security Personnels were very fit and good in handling as well as to shoot goals. I was astonishing by their game plans and when they were on the court. In the first game, we did not that lucky to win as we were not very used to play together and in fact, that was the first time me and Hafiz played with them. Superb, either passing or shoot, they improved bit by bit.

In the second game, we tied up with 1 to 1 goal scored. We played against one of the favorite teams that consisted of Shahrul (Ah Chong), Hairu (the big man) and my roommate, Hadi. They played a faired and square game. OPpss, actually in the second game I was put in the reserved but never been called for substitution because of the injury that I received during the first game. I was lucky enough to have an understandable team mates. Alhamdulillah.

Even while i am typing this post, I still feel pains between my legs - the "private" part.

I was taught a lot by Shahrizan, the team player about futsal that never before being lecture even my friends in campus. Wow, his knowledge was like an expert and it could not be doubted as I observed the way he played from the outside. He and Zamri touched few things that I can improved. I was fortunate to have team mates that concerned to their team members. Alhamdulillah ^_^.

Then came the third match, the game that would decide either my team or the opposition that would go for the semi-final. I did played for the first half and I did improved some of weakness such as to closed the gap of the open fields and also to delay the opposition before shooting or passing. Alhamdulillah, we won the third and went to semi-final.

In the semi-final, we were met with the Winner from Group A, Syukri's team. They had talented players in their team including Syukri himself. I was put in reserved before substituted one of the team members in the late of the games, Rozi. Alhamdulillah, with the teaching and support from the team members, I did managed to score a GOAL for my team before the whistle was blown. YES! A few touch before I shot the loveliest goal of the night. He he he.

-The FINAL Teams-

In the final, we met the opposition of our first game. It was like a rematch. But sadly, they were better and much better than us. We lost quite a lot of opportunity to score goals and they had utilized their skills and teamworks better than us. CONGRATULATION for their winning.

-Me and the trophy-

But, Alhamdulillah, we were still the 1st runner up. Yeah yeah. It is also known as 2nd place. It is better than the 3rd place. He he he. We had the prize giving ceremony after that and a lot photos taken for records and for my personnel collection and memories in PETLIN. I really did enjoyed the games. ^_^


"If you want something (like a ball), GO & GET IT!"


moroka said...

congrats! lpas ni aku kena blaja main bola jugak la..baru bleh main sama2. (in my dreamz..~)
hahaha... :D

p/s: penat buat word verification nk bg komen...mcm jigsaw puzzle plok..huhuh.

Orchid & Pastry said...

haha..aku post yang ni pun dlm keadaan sakit sana sini..nak tido x leh sb sakit kat tempat private..x leh nk peluk bantal golek aku smalam..huhu

moroka said...

x lama lagi ok la tu..insya Allah :D

Orchid & Pastry said...