19 April 2008


Well, today I did not have much fun of doing anything than sleeping all day longs. Ha ha ha. A bit regrettable I felt of not doing anything good or house works rather than hibernating for almost more than 12 hours of sleeping. May be a new records for me. Can start by opening a small classes for sleeping. He he he.

What's next of my chapters of life that I want to share? If you have anything that you all, the readers want to know about me, do not hesitate to ask me. InsyaAllah, I would be glad to share whether it is my life stories of boringness or my experiences with people and problems. Ha Ha Ha


moroka said...

tidur2..jgn x tidur. mmg nikmat dpt tidur nyenyak. tp jgn tidur byk sgt. 12 jam ok lagi kot..aku dulu rekod hampir 24 jam. bgn utk mkn ngn solat jah. hahaha. :D

p/s: buang la word verification ni..susah nk komen. jadi mls nk spam. huhu.

Khalisah said...

don't sleep for too long though. you'll get headaches the next day. but if you're asleep, i wonder how can you take your own pic?

moroka said...

that picture is not a new picture i guess. i have seen it before. gambar hanyalah sekadar hiasan, x gitu harith? hehehe.

opS..am i supposed to answer this. huhu.

Orchid & Pastry said...

adeh..saje j mu rosli..ye2 gambar tu maso duk umah sewo duo tingkat -time rambut ku panjang..hehe

Orchid & Pastry said...

self timer..best fren~